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BB10: April Targets Jessie & Memphis

August 03, 2008 07:52 PM by Ryan Haidet

April hanging on in the HOH competition

The last time viewers got a glimpse inside the Big Brother 10 house, the contestants were shaking, tilting and holding on for the power to win Head of Household.

Each standing on an elevated platform, the task was simple — hold on as long as possible.

Some were making a joke of the situation. “If you’re sweating, raise both your hands,” Dan said as everybody was holding onto the pole behind them. But Jessie used some of the time to discuss strategy with Renny. He asked her who she’d put up if she had won. Renny told him that she hadn’t decided that yet.

Jessie was obviously worried since his alliance was falling apart after last week’s eviction when Angie was ousted. Himself, Memphis and Michelle all felt they were in trouble if they didn’t win.

The houseguests stand on a platform to win HOH

They drop like flies

26 minutes into the challenge, Jerry said, “Sorry guys,” and dropped out of the competition. Next off was Libra, just seven minutes later.

The “wind” kicked back up and the building continued to shake when Dan decided (as he said in a confessional) that he was going to throw yet another challenge. He just wanted to pretend that he was having a tougher time than he actually was. At the 45 minute mark, America’s Player dropped off the ledge and out of the HOH contest. He said he could have stayed up longer, but didn’t need to because nobody was after him. But his acting didn’t have everybody convinced because Libra said she thought he threw it. “Something’s just not right,” she said.

55 minutes in, Ollie was the next to go leaving April and Renny against the three-way alliance everybody seemed to be targeting — Michelle, Jessie and Memphis.

But that wasn’t for long. Jessie was in pain. His legs were shaking, he was sweating and breathing very heavily. Renny told him not to hurt himself. Although he was mumbling he wasn’t going to quit, at 1 hour 6 minutes, Jessie was out. “As far as I’m concerned, that was just a bogus competition,” he said in a confessional.

Renny and Jessie hang on

Next, Memphis was going through physical pain, too. He started shaking, sweating and grimacing with every second he stayed up there. He turned to April and tried to make some sort of deal, but she wasn’t having any part of that. “At this point, I was fine,” she said. “I was up there sunbathing.” At 1 hour 16 minutes, Memphis dropped off. With both Jessie and Memphis out, the pressure was on Michelle to pull through for her alliance.

Time for some motivation

Dan asked the three remaining women if they wanted to hear a motivational speech. Renny wanted hers right away and he delivered. “Being a football coach, I’m used to giving motivational speeches, but never have I given a motivational speech to a 54-year-old hairdresser,” he said in a confessional. “But Coach Dan hopped up and delivered.” Then Michelle asked for hers and he told her to put Rhode Island on the map by sticking it out.

Trying to get rid of the numbness in her arms and legs, Renny formed a rhythm of shaking them. But one time when she reached back to grab the pole after shaking her arm, she missed and dropped down after 1 hour 58 minutes. Keesha was so proud that Renny held on that long and the others were very impressed.

It came down to April and Michelle — and the battle was on. That’s when April decided she was ready for Dan’s motivational speech. He told her to stick with it because her family was watching.

April and Michelle are the last two standing for HOH

“My feet are longer numb, they’re burning,” Michelle told April. They both wanted to win so they could see pictures of their family in their HOH bedroom. “Sorry babe, I’m just not going anywhere,” April told Michelle. At 2 hours 27 minutes, Michelle said she didn’t know how much longer she could go. That’s when April swore on her life not to nominate her for eviction. “I’ll keep Jessie in the game, too,” she told Michelle.

Down on the ground, Jessie was brought to tears watching his ally Michelle fight out the pain. “Watching Michelle was like being restrained and watching somebody you care about get beat down,” he said in a confessional. “Just makes you feel sick to your stomach.” He sat there and wiped away his tears as Michelle looked at April and said, “Promise?” April said, “I swear.” With that, Michelle fell to the mat below.

In awe of the women

April jumped down victorious and crawled over to Michelle and shared a hug. Jessie brought a drink over to Michelle and helped her up. Ollie comforted April and said, “Girl, I am so impressed.” Jessie called April over and told her she did such a good job. Then he thanked her for the deal that had been made.

Jessie comforts Michelle after losing HOH.

Inside the house, Libra and Keesha said they have nothing but respect for both of the women. But strategy soon cut in. Keesha asked April what deal was cut and she admitted to promising to keep Michelle safe.

Keesha causes concerns

Keesha and Memphis (the obvious target) started talking and others noticed. She said that Memphis is a nice guy and he might be able to help her in the future. April was upset with Keesha for befriending the person they all wanted to evict. In the kitchen April told both Libra and Renny what she saw.

Back in one of the bedrooms, Renny went and told Keesha exactly what April had said. Renny warned Keesha that she might now have a target on her back.

America’s Player at work

After America voted, Dan received his first task as America’s temporary Player. He opened an envelope and it revealed that America wanted him to target Jessie for eviction. He was excited to try and vowed he would do his best. So he went to April and simply told her she had to put Jessie up. That was all. April, a little concerned about it, went to Libra and Keesha saying that Dan was acting a bit weird. They kind of figured it out and Libra said she thinks Dan is the twist this season. Libra said she wants to get to the bottom of it.

Nominations Today posted

Pulling the keys

As the nomination ceremony loomed, Memphis was prepared to be targeted. He said that April should put him up because he would have nominated her had he won.

The houseguests gathered at the big table and started pulling keys. Halfway through, Keesha’s key came out — which was a complete surprise. It came down to Dan, Memphis and Jessie. The last key pulled revealed that Dan was safe. Memphis and Jessie had been nominated for eviction. Dan succeeded in his first task. Nobody seemed surprised with the nominations, but Michelle was a bit worried that maybe Jessie would go home — especially since April promised he would be safe.

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