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BB10 Spoiler: Trouble in HOH Paradise?

August 03, 2008 07:44 PM by Britteny Elrick

April and Ollie have their first lover’s spat, but it doesn’t take them very long to “make up.” Meanwhile, she thinksthat everything is going according to plan in the Big Brother house, but some of the houseguestsmight have a plan of their own…

April has made it clear that she wants Memphis out of the house this week. She also swore to Michelle on “Boston” that Jesse would not be the target. So far her alliance has gone along withthe plan, but it seems that the tables might be turning…

Keesha and Renny have formed a secret alliance in the house. Keesha was outside talking to Libra and April when they started questioning Renny’s loyalty to the alliance. They said they weren’t sure where she stood. Keesha agreed, and then went to tell Renny what happened. The talk turns to April and they mention how cunning she is and also that she is full of bullsh*t. Libra pops her head in and alludes to something. When she leaves Keesha says to Renny, “Libra is starting to turn.”

Renny falls asleep and Keesha goes out to get Libra. Libra comes in the room and her and Keesha discuss April and how she is playing them. Keesha says she’s be an idiot to do what April wants. Libra thinks that they should try to get Jesseout instead of Memphis to prove a point. Libra thinks the alliances will end up being: April, Ollie, Michelle, and Jerry; Renny, Dan, Libra, and Keesha. [apparently, Jesse and Memphis are both gone at this point] Libra wants to nominate Jesse and Michelle next week, if he is still in the house.

Meanwhile, Jerry talks to Ollie and says he wants him, Ollie, April, and Dan to be the final four. Libra questions Dan about being America’s Player and he tells her no. She keeps telling everyone that she knows the twist, and it’s Dan.

Michelle is stressed out from wearing the unitard. She talks to Jesse and tells him to shut his mouth or he’s going to get himself evicted. She says she is sick of trying to help his ass.

But more importantly, Jesse, do you know where that blanket has been? I thinkit’s about time for a plaid blanket flashback…

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