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High School Musical Get In The Picture: East Meets West

August 03, 2008 07:13 PM by Paulene Hinds

High School Musical Auditions

Tonight on High School Musical: Get In The Picture, thetwelve finalists from the East and West Coast auditions get the surprise of their lives with a visit to the film set of High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

After a 16,000 mile search, the faculty have narrowed down the finalists from the East and the West to just twelve. They have arrived at the High School Musical Campus and this is where the learning begins. In the end, just one of them will become of a part of High School Musical history and Get In The Picture!

The host, Nick Lachey welcomed the kids to the campus and then told them that the hard work was far from over. During the next few weeks the kids would be living the High School Musical experience by singing and acting.

He then brought out the faculty to meet the kids and explained that the faculty’s job is to make them the best that they can be and would also be evaluating them to see who would be moving on and stay into the picture for the grand prize and who would be going to the course. Eventually one grand prize winner would be named and they would be the star of the music video in the end credits of High School Musical 3.

Rob Adler introduced himself and explained to the group that they were going to play a game called, “First Impressions.” One by one he called the kids up and the rest of the group threw out comments on how they perceived the person to be.

A few of the kids had their feelings hurt by the comments such as Ether who was called nerdy and Christie who was called a dumb blond. But most of them agreed with how the others had perceived them and were not surprised by the comments made.

Rob Adler wanted the kids to take the comments and to internalize them and use them to improve themselves. He was going to give the kids some grandiose quote about them letting their light shine but he felt that they had learned that lesson already.

After the game, Nick Lachey and the faculty came back out and gave the kids gift bags courtesy of KMART. They contained DVD players, camcorders and many other great items.

Nick Lachey then surprised the kids and invited the them to the set of High School Musical 3. The kids were in awe when they arrived at the East High School movie set and even more so when they met Kenny Ortega the Emmy Award winning choreographer and musical director of all three High School Musical movies. He gave them advice to be themselves, to stand out from the crowd and to be the most dimensional performer that they could.

Three members from the cast then came out; Lucas Grabeel (Ryan), Olesya Rulin (Kelsi) and Kacee Stroh (Martha). They told the kids their story of how they became part of the High School Musical family and the kids were excited to see them. They also explained to the group that the movie is much like real high school and everyone comes to the table with their own personalities and must learn to use their chemistry. The group has become so close, much like a family and they felt that the kids will experience that themselves.

The cast members left and Kenny Ortega then told the kids that since they were in the cafeteria of the set that they should do a little jam and sing a little bit. He wanted the group to start off singing together and then he would pull each one of them out and listen to their voices, kind of like and audition. What the kids didn’t know was that Kenny Ortega would be judging the finally and would be deciding which one of them would become part of the High School Musical family.

He pulled Bailey out of the group first and she was happy that he noticed her, but nervous as well. One by one he continued to pull the kids to the centre and they showed him what they were made of, not knowing just how important this routine really was.

After the kids were finished singing Kenny told them that he had to leave as he was filming a sequence for the movie and then asked them if they would like to be in it. They would be part of the Wildcat fan club. The kids screamed with excitement.

The group went into the extra change area and were suited up into Wildcat gear. They next proceeded to hair and make-up. Anthony was pleased that it didn’t look like he was wearing any make-up so that he could maintain his masculinity.

The group entered the filming area and proceeded to the stands. They went through their routine and lines with ease and their excitement was evident.

After they finished with their extra roll, they returned back to the campus where Regina Williams came out and taught them techniques to help them stay in shape and also get them ready for whatever life throws at them.

Some of the group were able to pick up the moves easily, but Ether knew that he wasn’t moving like he should be. Anthony said that he was doing a dance workout and he didn’t like to do either! After, Regina taught them a super fun combination with basketballs.

Regina cooled the group down and then gave them advice on what to do to stay in the competition. She told the kids to do exactly what they were told to do vocally by the faculty and be a team player and to also step up and show what they have once they get to know their strengths over the next few weeks. She told them that they are expecting one hundred and ten percent from them. When she left she felt that she had inspired the group and showed gave them a clearer understanding of what they needed to work on.

Nick Lachey explained to the performers that after they leave the campus only a few of them will remain and go on to the final round in Los Angelas. He wanted them to sit back, relax and get to know each other because after tonight, it all begins!

The group got together and jammed out in the end scene of the show, working together and showing their vocal ranges and capabilities. Making friends with each other tonight, but tomorrow competing once again for the coveted role in the music video from High School Musical: Get In The Picture!

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