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BB10 Spoiler: Who Does America Want Dan to Cuddle Up With?

August 04, 2008 07:50 PM by Britteny Elrick

It has been an eventful weekin the Big Brotherhouse. As the housegueststry tochoose between two very strong players, find out if the POV is used to remove one of the nominees. Meanwhile, Dan is still flying under the radar as America’s Player. Speaking ofDan, hislast assignment was to hug someone for at least 10 seconds… find out who it is, and if he succeeds.

April and Ollie talk strategy while taking a bath… April is concerned about Jesse and Michelle targeting her next week because she is such a strong player. However, she still feels better keeping Jesse in the house rather than Memphis. April also thinks that Keesha and Libra will try to throw the HOH competition next week and let Renny put up her and Ollie.April wants Renny out because they don’t “see eye to eye.” Ollie says if he were her, he would be tempted to tell Jerry to use the POV and put Libra up instead.

Meanwhile, Dan, Keesha, Libra, andRenny are secretly planning to vote out Jesse. They are not telling anyone else so it doesn’t get back to April or Jesse. [the girls make Dan swear on the Bible that he will tell the truth] Dan tells Memphis of the plan and they form a secret alliance andagree to take each other to the end.

POV Ceremony takes place, and Jerry decides not to use it. Keesha is pleased.

Dan has gotten his AP assignment to hug Jesse for 10 seconds. While in the spa room, Jesse still tries to plead for Dan’s vote and says he’s been nothing but honest with him. They start talking and Dan makes up a fake story about this experience ruining his relationship with his girlfriend, Monica.

In true Jesse form, he gives Dan a pep talk and tells him “his heart is the only thing he can control.” Dan brings on the water works. Jesse is very supportive and tells him that it will get easier. Finally, they stand up and hug.

Dan shrugs and smiles at the camera whenhe has completed the task.

April and Ollie are talking again, and they are starting to think that maybe the houseguests are going to vote against April’s wishes. They think they should get the whole alliance together and remind them of the promises they made. On a warm and fuzzy note, they discuss the fact that they will probably be best friends regardless of if their relationship works out or not. Ollie says he’s mature now and ready for a relationship. They agree that they wouldn’t be so obvious with their relationship if they didn’t really care about each other.

And let’s all give a hand to Michelle, for figuring out how to turn her unitard into a bikini.

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