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High School Musical Get In The Picture: Letting Go!

August 04, 2008 08:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on High School Musical: Get in The Picture, the kids performed one of a kind production numbers and were evaluated on their talent, personality and spirit. Some shone and continued to compete for the grand prize, while those who stumbled were sent to the chorus.

The kids came together in “Home room” and tried to get to know each other. Ether kept to himself and felt like he wasn’t part of the group.

Nick Lachey entered and told the kids that they would be getting down to work and going through a series of challenges designed to make them better performers as well as better people.

The first challenge was about “letting go.” He told them that it doesn’t matter if they are a performer just trying to get through the day, it is important to let go and not worry about what other people think about them. He then escorted them out of the room and on a field trip.

Jen Malenke from the faculty, met up with the group and explained that the first challenge for the kids was to do an impromtu performance for the unsuspecting customers at KMart. She wanted them to let go of the fear that may hold them back as a performer. Each was outfitted with a sound piece and they went through the store singing, “We’re All In This Together” and there was a catch…only the kids could hear the music. TJ was afraid that people would think that he was a loony. Tierney was freaking out but also excited.

Jen Malenke and Nick Lachey watched the kids from the security room as they danced and sang their way throughout the store.

Bailey danced through the store, meeting people and singing with confidence, and even Ether broke a little more out of his shell. Christina took awhile to cut it loose, and Shayna jumped up on the cash register and danced. All of the kids did an amazing job and came together in the end knowing that they had “let go” and completed the challenge.

After the challenge, the kids went back to the school campus and got to know each other a little bit more. Stan and Shayna went off by themselves and the rest of the group teased them with the K-I-S-S song. Stan soon changed the subject after he asked Shayna if she had a boyfriend and she told him she did. He really finds her uniquely beautiful.

The next day in “Home room” the kids were really getting along. Nick Lachey asked them what helped them get through the song and they felt that knowing everyone else was doing it helped them. Montre Burton came into the room with a gift for the kids…Verizon Wireless V cast phones. Each week their songs would be downloaded onto it for them to rehearse.

Nickthen reiterated what Jen had taught them the day before and told them to be fearless. Nick called out the groups that the kids would be put in for their first performance to be judged by the faculty. Anthony, Bailey and Christie were to sing, “There is Always Someone Cooler Than You.” Isaiah, Stan and Tierney were going to perform, “Unwritten” and Ether, James and Shayna would sing, “The Remedy.” And the final group; Briana, Christina and TJ were given the song,”The Man in the Mirror.” Each of these songs had something to do about letting go and would be performed in the auditorium on a step that looked like a city park. Each group had to find a way to make the park symbolize something about “letting go.”

The performances were very important as the faculty would make their decision based on it to find out who would be moving on and who would go to the chorus. Nick sent the groups off to rehearse.

Regina Williams gave Ether, James and Shayna a cupid senario to use for their song. James was to play cupid. Ether still had a hard time coming out of his shell and looked uncomfortable working with Shayna in an intimate role. They gave him some pointers to help him relax.


In TJ’s group, Christina and Briana thought that TJ was overpowering them a little bit. Jen Malenke came in and gave the girls the roles as Angels and TJ the lead to see if the girls would be able to know when to let others shine. The girls definately had difficulty backing off.

In Stan’s group, Tierney had a hard time with Stan’s lack of ability. She clicked with Isaiah right off. The role given to them was best buddies trying to get their friend Tierney into a better mood.


Anthony was excited to be learning a new song, but Bailey thought that he struggled a lot and would bring her down. They were asked to put Bailey as a popular girl who couldn’t let go and make her finally do it in the end.

The kids were able to relax after their rehearsals for a little while and you could see that even though they were performers, that they were still teenagers and were crushing on each other. They didn’t forget thought that they were there to win.

After Isaiah, Stan and Tierney’s performance, Chris Prinzo was thrilled with their performance and thought that they were not rushing at all, but Regina was hoping to see more from Stan.

When Bailey, Anthony and Christie performed, Jen thought that Anthony relied too much on his personality and that he needed training. Montre thought that Christie was over selling the song.

Ether, Shayna and James nailed their performance and Montre thought that it was like night and day of what he first saw in rehearals, but Rob was still hoping for Ether to come out of his shell and become a leading man, not just a leading soloist.

After the final group of TJ, Briana and Christina, Jen Malenke commented on how frustrated she was with Briana as she was given so many pointers on coming out of her shell and didn’t pull it off.

After the faculty made their decision, Nick Lachey came in and announced the performer that out shone everyone else. It was Tierney. She was then given the list to call off the remaining kids who would join her to go on. Moving on would be Stan, TJ, Isaiah, James, Ether, Anthony, Christina, Shayna, and Bailey. Going to the chorus would be Christie and Briana.

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