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The Mole: Tick, Tock Boom!

August 04, 2008 10:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

After playing the game for over a month, Craig, Mark and Nicole are the final three players. One of them will win up to half a million dollars and one will be The Mole’s final victim. With the finish line in sight the players have just two missions left to observe each other and figure out who is The Mole.

Host Jon Kelley, introduces the first game; “Tick, Tock, Boom” and explains that there is 50,000 sitting inside a bullet proof glass case with a bomb beside it. It is set to go off in exactly one hour. The mission is to diffuse the bomb and add 50,000 to the pot taking the total to over 400,000 dollars. if they fail the money will go up in smoke.

Jon has them look around the room and explains that everything they need to diffuse the bomb is in the room with them. He wishes them good luck and leaves. They are dumb founded.

They begin to have a conversation and figure out that they need to cut the correct wire to diffuse the bomb. The players must figure out how to use the items in the room, which includes a list of world locations, a clock, a series of letters on the wall and a board with blank spaces on it.There is also a hidden item that will be the key to unlocking the entire puzzle.

Nicole figures out the board must be words and Mark figures out that the clocks may be all of the different places. Craig notices that there are 24 spaces and 4 different areas on the wall and…finds the hidden time zone map that is the key to successfully diffuse the bomb. In order to use the map, two players must hold it down while the third player looks at it.

They agree that they need to find the time zones and correspond that with the plus or minus numbers on the wall. Mark also makes sure that each player takes turns doing each task, so that no one person can sabotage the game.

They finally get the times and realize that the numbers must correspond to the letters on the wall and the letters will tell them what they need to do to diffuse the bomb.

The players accomplish the first two steps of the mission, but have more to do and with just under 30 minutes remaining, the players are a long way from determining which wire to cut to diffuse the bomb. Craig notices the big clock in the middle of the room and they realize that the numbers correspond with letters. They begin to decipher the code.

They realize that Nicole has made a few mistakes and they have to rush back and correct them. Mark is able to work with the map even with her mistakes and they work on the code with 3 minutes remaining. The code is not completely filled out, but they are able to see that red and blue equals purple and decide that they are going to cut the purple wire. Regardless, they would lose 50,000 for not finishing the mission anyway, so they have nothing to lose.

Craig cuts the wire and nothing happens! Jon Kelley re-enters the room and tells them that they had 21 seconds left on the clock and then gave them the solution; “Clue: cut wire that is red plus blue.” if they had found the word wire then they would have known to just cut one wire, but they were lucky with the guess of purple. They added the money to the pot!

The next day, the players met Jon in Central Beunos Aires for their final mission.The mission was called,”Three to Tango” and was worth 75,000. It was their last chance to add money to the pot or to sabotage.

The players were to select one of three envelopes and in them was three different sets of clues unique to each player. He then gave them a cell phone and told them that they were to head off with their first clue and find the first location. When they figured out the location, they were to call him and he would give them a task to complete when they got there. After they finished all three tasks, Jon would send them a picture of their final destination.The first player to arrive would have to decide whether they would add the 75,000 to the pot or take a brief case of the Mole’s dossiere. The information might help the person out on the final quiz.

Each one of the players reads their first clue and head out. Nicole isn’t thrilled by the game and feels that she shouldn’t have to run or do anything strenuous. Mark realizes that Craig is excellent with maps and the tourism information because he had been researching the area sine the game began.

Craig finds his first clue and contacts Jon who tells him to go and have a picture taken with a leather jacket. Hefinds one that fits him and has it taken, hoping he could come back later to pruchase it as it actually fit!

Mark refuses to look at his map and asks the townspeople for help. He finds his fist clue and is asked to go and have his picture taken in front of a specific staue in the town.

Nicole studies her map and contacts jon who tells her that she needs to get an Argentian flag and have her picture taken with it in front of a building.

Craig looks for the next clue and then begins to guess at what it could be. As he struggles with his second clue Nicole arrives where she is supposed to be, but doesn’t take a picture with the correct flag. She hangs up on Jon and then finally gets frustrated and goes into a shop and finds one and does as requested by Jon. She is totally put off for the rest of the mission.

Meanwhile Mark’s plan of relying only on the locals for information has left him still searching for his first location.

Nicole solves her second clue and is asked to head off to get someone to buy her the towns delectable milk coffee and have her picture taken with it.

Craig makes a lucky guess for his next clue and is told to find a beautiful woman and have his picture taken in front of the Tango theatre with her in a tango pose.

Mark figures out his next clue and is told to find someone to buy him a Argentinian sandwich and have his picture taken with it. He finds a group of local boys who are more than willing to help him out and has fun with it too!

Meanwhile, Nicole dances around the town. She finds someone to buy her the milk coffe drink, but all the store has is chocolate ice cream. She mixes it up and tries to trick jon, but he catches her. He sends her to do the task over.

Mark asks Jon if his next clue is to find the government congress building and he is correct. He has to find the building and have his picture taken with a woman in front of it.

Nicole then finally finds what she is looking for and uses her womanly way to get a man to buy it for her. Craig is still running around trying to find the theatre as she finds out that her next clue is a football team and is requested to go and have her picture taken wearing a team jersey.She realizes how far it is.

Craig’s final clue is to go to the grave of Evida and send him a picture of the name on the family crypt.

Both Mark and Craig are neck and neck and they both call Jon at the same time. Craig beats him and Jon puts Mark on hold while he sends Craig a picture of a famous Argentinian bridge. Craig is pumped and heads for it, but Mark isn’t happy as it is the one spot that Craig wanted to visit his whole trip and he would know exactly where it was.

Nearly four hours into the mission, Nicole is still making her way to the third location, meanwhile Craig and Mark are headed to the finish line of the final mission of the game. Whoever gets there first would have a big decision to make. Put 75,000 into the pot or look at the Mole’s dossier for a possible leg up on the final quiz.

Mark and Craig ran as fast as they could and Mark ended up being first and decided to look at the dossier. Craig wasn’t happy that Mark chose a leg up for the last quiz. Nicole knew that the quiz would change once the dossier was opened up. Mark hoped to find in the dossier, one piece that he was missing.

The grand total in the pot was 418,500 and Jon bumped it up to 420,000.

At the execution dinner Jon put a twist on the final quiz. It would be twenty questions instead of ten and next week we will find out who the Mole is!

Reality TV Magazine is your source for all of The Mole news and info. Check out our bios for The Mole for more information on your favorite players! Who do you think is The Mole? Discuss on our The Mole message boards. For more on The Mole check out SirLinksAlot: The Mole.

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