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America’s Got Talent And The Vegas Performances

August 05, 2008 08:49 PM by DA Southern

judges, Morgan, Osbourne and Hasselhoff

America’s Got Talent begins finals week in Vega and we will get our Top 40 acts looking for their Million Dollar Break and their contract on the Vegas Strip. America’s Got Talent weeds out from the 113 acts that managed to squeak through to meet the judges, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff, who had high expectations for the acts.

The judges called together all of the acts to give them a pep talk and announced that some of the contestants would not even get to audition further as they would be cut the following morning by a judge’s decision. So, some of the favorites that did make it through in the auditions would be going home. The judges decided that they needed to be tough and really hashed out their decision overnight in their plush penthouse apartment of Planet Hollywood.


The following morning, the acts were divided into several groups and The Hoff announced Group A was staying and Group B was immediately told they were out and to leave the auditorium. Group C and D were played with by Piers and Sharon but both were announced safe as we finally got to the next round of performances to determine the Top 40.

AGT Host, Jerry Springer, announced that the remaining 94 acts were going to be categorized in the genre they represented and would actually be going head-to-head starting with the variety acts to see who could bring their best to the AGT stage. A bunch of extreme acts, flame-swallower, grinding lady, nail bed guy and trapeze lady all did their best to impress. In the end, the judges were impressed with the sword-swallower guy as they said he had “Stepped up his game.”


Next up were the Tribute acts, you know,Frank Sinatra, Tina Turner, Ozzie, etc. The Britney Spears guy did his thing, followed by the Tina Turner wanna-bees who did horrid. The Elvis impersonator, like there are not enough of those in Vegas, was next to try his hand at not sucking, but did actually suck after all.

Next up were the magicians and the first guy out was plagued with equipment problems and then denied that it had happened. After one horrid act after another, the judges were shocked at how bad the contestants had seemed to be presenting their acts. Sharon was so disgusted that she thought it would be a great idea if they were to talk to the contestants about their demeanor and their presentations. It was truly horrifying as you wondered how many of these acts managed to get to this point.

After the pep talk, the child variety acts were next to take the stage and hopefully would be more impressive than the adults had done so far. With the other kids watching, act after act gave it their all to try to be the one that would make it to the semi-finals. It is always tough to see the kids give it heir all and not really understand that the big prize would have to be something that they may have trouble selling to the judges as an act that could sustain an audience.

kaitlyn maher

So with the variety acts completed, the judges pulled the variety acts were called to the stage to see their fate. Piers called the acts forward; Big K, the karate guy, and told him he had been cut from the competitor, leaving four variety acts to go on. A bunch of group acts were put through to the next round, including the singing dads. The lousy magician was cut as was the little contortionist girl, making for a sad dismissal from the competition. The Tina Turner, Elvis Impersonator, the Frank Sinatra singer as well as the Britney Spears were all allowed to continue and we will all be glad to see Britney back on the Vegas strip.

Day 2 brought us the music acts, with the opera acts bringing it all to the AGT stage. It was quite a performance as many of the opera singers were obviously very nervous. With the singers definitely in need of an audience, Sharon said that some serious decisions would need to be made in this category, with The Hoff saying that this was not an easy thing to do to have to decide who stays and who goes.

With more music acts performing, younger music performers were next to strut their stuff for the judges. The judges were not showing their cards at all, which sent many of the contestants off stage thinking that they had blown it. The younger kids were the biggest troupers but the judges were concerned that they may not be able to handle the overall competition. Maybe they should have though about that before they put them through, but, hey, that’s just me.

Neil E. Boyd

The male singers were next to see if they could crack the Top 40 and as they paraded themselves before the judges the nerves were having their way with them all, even to the point of our soldier who impressed the judges on the MySpace auditions forgot his words which may have put him out of the competition. Several Soul singers tried to impress and it was hard to see the different singers, some who had auditioned brilliantly, become crumpled masses of Jell-O on the AGT stage.

Our final group to perform was the female singers who, by the looks of it, seemed to be the fiercest group to compete. The judges seemed to be more impressed with the female group and saw that the completion seemed to be the strongest of everyone who had performed so far.


The judges were off to decide who would go on to the semi-finals from the various categories and the musical acts were called in to see their fate. In a shock, several of the kids who we though the judges were soft on, made it through to the next round and two of the older kids who seemed like they auditioned well did not. In another shock, all of the opera singers were put through as they all impressed the judges enough to stay, even with the nerves. Two of our soul singers sailed through, which had a powerful singer who looked to be a shoe-in leaving and two of the more inexperienced female singers leaving with two staying. In a shock, most of the favorite guys stayed, including our soldier who forgot his lyrics.

In a crowded field of 113 acts, the judges whittled it down to sixty acts to go on and on Thursday we will see the Top 40 chosen for the live performances for America to begin to vote on.

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