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BB10: Drama Fills The House, Jerry Doesn’t Use Veto

August 05, 2008 08:27 PM by Ryan Haidet

Birthday drama fills the Big Brother house

Tonight’s episode delivered loads of fights — even when a birthday was being celebrated. But first, nobody seemed surprised by April’s nominations for eviction. In fact, Jessie thought it was an honor to be nominated three of the four weeks so far in the Big Brother house.

Fake tears and a hug

Jessie comforts Dan

Dan, America’s temporary Player, was given his next task. He had to hug the contestant America chose for 10 seconds. Of course, America picked Jessie. “Oh, what are you guys thinking?” Dan said in a confessional. But he was going to try anyway. He went to Jessie and asked him to talk about personal stuff. That’s when the fake tears started to fall.

Dan fake cries

Dan said he was really missing his girlfriend Monica and Jessie gave him loads of comfort. That’s when the hug came — a whole 17 seconds! Dan gave a great smirk to the cameras as it was happening, too. Great moment Big Brother. Thanks!

Dan gets his task done and hugs Jessie

Veto picks cause problems

The house gathered in the living room to choose the three players joining April, Memphis and Jessie in the Power of Veto competition. By random draw it was Michelle, Libra and Jerry who were picked.

Right after the picks, April was very upset about Libra and Jerry being selected. She felt like it was simply putting more pressure on her because neither of them would likely win. Libra came upstairs to the HOH bedroom just in time to hear her complain. Libra asked not to be counted out and she took offense that nobody was taking her seriously as a game player. So she left the room. April stayed upstairs and told Ollie that Libra has an excuse for everything.

That’s when the drama began. Libra and Keesha went back to their bedroom and started talking about April. Loud enough that Jessie, who was in the room next door trying to nap, was able to hear them. So he went upstairs and told April everything he heard. “One of my naps finally paid off,” Jessie said in a confessional. April wanted to confront them on it.

Down the stairs and into the bedroom she went. Libra, right off the bat, said her feelings were hurt and that she was upset. April fired right back and said that she had been told both she and Keesha had been complaining about her. Libra jumped up and gave her (the look we’ve seen a thousand times now) the look of surprise. Keesha got very upset and stormed out of the room and into the kitchen. She was getting very heated and said she couldn’t stand April at all. And all this on Keesha’s birthday! Keesha stormed back into the room and immediately told April she didn’t like the way she was treating and talking to her.

Keesha furious with Jessie

Libra and Keesha were visibly fed up and wanted to know who told her about their discussion. When April said it was Jessie, they were angry.

Then Jerry came in the room and was trying to tell them that Memphis was out in the living room making fun of them. When Libra went to interrupt, he stuck his hand out and told her to shut up. Renny, who was also in the room, took offense to Jerry’s comments and stormed away. “I can’t stand when he talks to a woman like that,” she yelled. “He better not stick his finger in my face. I’ll shove it down his throat.”

Jerry causes some trouble with his finger

Keesha left the room again with many of the other houseguests who were waiting to sing “Happy Birthday” to her. But the fight didn’t stop. Jessie came in and started arguing with Libra. She told him the discussion was over after he said he came in the room to defend himself. “I’m tired of you,” she said. “It’s over Jessie.” He said that he couldn’t help their conversation had woke him up and he felt he needed to tell April what had been said.

Happy Birthday?

Libra came out and saw everybody was waiting to celebrate Keesha’s birthday, so she went and got April to join them. They all came out, even Jessie, and sang around Keesha’s cookie cake. It couldn’t have been more awkward, because when it was over, nobody said anything! Libra was the first to speak after a few seconds and apologized for yelling. That’s when Jessie chimed in and said, “Since we’re apologizing, I’m sorry for being honest in what I heard.”

Keesha\'s birthday cookie

That’s right around the time when Keesha showed a whole new side. She started yelling a lot and defended herself and Libra. When Jessie said he did in fact hear them yelling about April, Keesha gave him the finger and called him arrogant. “You need to leave this house,” Keesha yelled. Then Libra turned to Memphis, who has been the intended target all along, and said, “Hey Memphis, every day is a new day. Believe that buddy.”

Keesha and Jessie fight

Veto competition

One at a time, each of the six houseguests competing had to hit a ball with a hockey stick. The person getting it the farthest from the center slot of the goal would be eliminated each round. But they would win a prize anyway. The catch was that anybody eliminated after them would have the opportunity to trade prizes.

Memphis was the first out of the contest after he completely missed the net and almost hit Renny. His parting gift was the Veto. Would anybody let him keep it?

Next out was Michelle who won a trip to Hawaii. Jessie was eliminated next and of course had an excuse as to why he wasn’t very good at that competition. “If anything you could kind of relate it to miniature golfing,” he said in a confessional. “I don’t golf, I don’t know, because my back is too big, maybe.” Jessie’s prize was a slop surprise, which he traded with Memphis. Now he held the Veto.

April was eliminated next and won $10,000. There were 10 gold bars, each worth $1,000 that she could either keep for herself or give some away if she ever felt like she needed to (maybe to bribe somebody into not evicting her).

The final round came down to Jerry and Libra — the two nobody had any confidence in. Eat your words April! Jerry was eliminated next and he was given a letter from home. He turned to April and asked if they could split the $10,000 three ways and he would take the Veto from Jessie. She nodded and with that, Jerry traded his letter for the Veto. Jessie was very upset.

Power of Veto

Then Libra was given the last prize — the red unitard made famous by both Jen and Sheila in seasons past. Of course she didn’t want it, so she traded it for Michelle’s trip to Hawaii.

Then Memphis learned his slop surprise was good for a week free of slop any week of his choosing. Then he was told he had to pick one player immediately who would be spending the rest of the week on slop. He chose Jerry.

Unitard drama and the Veto ceremony

Michelle wasn’t faring so well with the fact she lost her trip to Hawaii. She started questioning Libra asking why a mother wouldn’t trade for a letter from home. After she put on the red outfit, Jessie tried to comfort her and said that her butt looked amazing.

She was obviously frustrated and went to bed. Jessie followed her in and promised he would do anything to help her win HOH next week.

Michelle wearing her unitard

At the Veto Ceremony, both Jessie and Memphis stood up and told Jerry they didn’t expect him to use the POV on them. And they each said they respected whatever decision he made. With that, nobody was surprised when Jerry didn’t use the Veto.

Image of Veto courtesy of CBS.

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