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I Survived A Japanese Game Show Winner Takes All!

August 05, 2008 08:56 PM by Lisa Stauber

The survivor will be declared tonight on I Survived a Japanese Game Show. Two girls and two guys will compete in a series of elimination rounds to determine the winner. Bilenda , Donnell, Meaghan, and Justin are the final four, after Bilenda proved she could get dressed faster than anyone.

A quarter of a million dollars will go to the winner. The contestants start out by changing into their blue track suits, and get a surprise visit from Tony Sano who gets rid of the teams. It’s every man for himself! Every game is an elimination game, now, and one person will be leaving after each round.

Making Friends in Japan
“It’s Super Serious Time,” host Rome Kanda tells them. The contestants will be playing the round in the streets of Japan with members of the unsuspecting public. It’s time for Making Friends in Japan!

The contestants must complete 5 tasks: have someone draw a mustache on them, get a picture taken while kissing, get someone to dress as the Statue of Liberty, get a business card, and get three strangers to do the Wave. Last one home’s a rotten egg, and will be going home.

Donell takes the lead, blasting out of the studio. He starts yelling at people, begging for an English speaker.

Bilenda tries a more subtle approach, and Meaghan asks politely too. Meaghan is the first to complete a task, getting a mustache drawn. Justin’s found a girl to draw on his face, too. Meaghan convinces some guys to kiss her, but they’re not so sure about taking a photo, and Justin finds a willing stranger too.

Donnell is still yelling, but manages to find someone to draw on him too. He tries to convince an older woman to give him a smooch, but her husband advises her to keep moving. Bilenda gets her kiss, though.

The contestants have a hard time finding anyone to dress up as the Statue of Liberty, but Meaghan convinces someone first. Donnell gets it done next, and Justin convinces someone to try on the costume, too. He’s having technical difficulties, though, and can’t figure out how to put it on.

Now the contestants must get a business card. Donnell’s running and begging, but he gets a card first. Meaghan collects several, but Justin and Bilenda are being held up.

Donnell falls to his knees and begs, and he and Meaghan complete their final task at the same time. They run back to the studio, with Meaghan making it back first. Donnell makes it back, and the next contestant in the studio will also be a keeper.

Justin and Bilenda both haven’t gotten a business card, and they also need to get three people to do the wave. Finally they complete their tasks. Bilenda finishes first, but Justin runs faster. Who’s going to make it back first?

Justin makes it back before Bilenda, and she’s eliminated.

Majide, the Japanese game show, has a surprise. They’ve brought the contestant’s family and friends to Tokyo for a reunion. Donnell meets up with his wife, Justin sees his girlfriend, and Meaghan’s BFF Alina arrives. Donnell’s wife isn’t too pleased when she hears he spent the night in an expensive hotel room with Meaghan, though. Tony shows up and tells them to get ready for the next elimination game.

Squishy Squishy
The contestants will be competing in studio this time. Rome Kanda asks what the contestants will do with the money. Donnell will pay off the house and student loans. Justin wants to take his girlfriend on vacation, and Meaghan says she would give it away to her family.

They’ll be playing Squishy Squishy. Each person will put on a sponge suit, soak up water, and try to keep from dripping while their opponents throw balls at them. The driest player loses and will be going home.

Donnell goes first, and he’s got three minutes to soak up and squish out water. Meaghan and Justin throw the giant balls, but they miss. Donnell takes another pass, and then a third.

Justin is raring to go. He launches himself into the soaking pool, but loses a bunch of water in the maze. He wore out quickly, and can barely haul himself to the squishy spot by the end.

Meaghan soaks up a ton of water, but she’s more worrined about getting her hair wet. She manages to avoid the giant balls and squishes out a ton of water. She makes a point to spend a lot of time in the pool soaking up everything she can. She only makes two trips, but she is a champion squisher.

Who got the most water? It’s Donnell. Meaghan only made two trips, and she has the least amount of water and she’s going home.

Final Two
Donnell and Justin say goodbye to their girls, and head back home. They’re off for the night, and will compete in the final tomorrow.

“It’s starting to sinkin that I’m leaving Japan,” Donnell says. The boys are feeling sad in their empty house. Tony Sano shows up with a limo to take them to the studios. He’s got a surprise for the two finalists, and stops the car in the middle of the street.

Hundreds of Japanese have gathered in the streets to cheer the boys on. Rome Kanda gives them airline tickets so they can return to Tokyo as tourists. A Japanese Congressman even comes out to meet them.

We get a trip down memory lane, and Tony wishes the guys good luck. It’s time for the final game. “The friendship is definitely set aside,” Donnell says. “I gotta go to war with Justin right now.”

Battle Royale
Donnell and Justin must pass through 9 obstacles, all based on previous games. There are tricycles, mochi balls, breakaway doors, and more.

Justin spins in the dizzy chair, and falls right into the water after getting off. They’ve got to pop 6 egg balloons, and crawl through flour. Donnell gets tied up sitting on the eggs, and Justin leaves him in the dust.

Justin is tired, and takes too much time at the sticky wall and Donnell catches up. Justin manages to make it to the top first, and Donnell is right behind him. They both start gobbling mochi balls and Justin finishes in the lead, again. He finishes before Donnell, and wins $250,000! He’s the Majide Grand Champion!

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Photos courtesy ABC/Craig Sjodin

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