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Million Dollar Listing Wheels and Deals

August 05, 2008 10:11 PM by Lisa Stauber

Million Dollar Listing starts Season 2 tonight, and the agents are young, single men. “I have dreams of being a billionaire one day,” Chad Rogers says before the show even begins. Three very young guys are superstars in the West Coast real estate market, and we get to see how they do it!

“I love myself,” Chad says. “I have a gorgeous girlfriend, because image is everything.” He’s 30, and works for Paris Hilton’s father selling million dollar real estate in Malibu. He just bought a $125,000 dollar car from a broker named Louie.

“I’ve sold over $80 million,” Madison Hildebrand says. “I make sure that I drive a nice car, I dress well, and I’m healthy.” Getting healthy includes beach workouts with a trainer he’s got a little crush on. He reveals that he fell into using drugs and alcohol, and got sober five years ago in rehab. He’s a true success story!

Josh Flagg, 21, also dresses carefully. He’s the top broker ever under the age of 25. He deals in properties from $5 – $25 million dollars. “I’m damn good at what I do.” His grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, is his hero and they are very close.

There is an awkward moment when his grandmother tells him a friend has died. “But I was with him last week,” Josh says, but soon is on the phone. He’s going to try to get the listing for the estate.

Meeting Up
Madison and Chad run into each other at a broker’s open house, and Josh shows up as well. The agents know each other. “He’s kind of weird,” Josh says about Chad. “I like Madison, though.”

“I don’t see Josh and Chad as a threat to my business,” Madison says.

Getting the Listing
Louie the car guy gives Chad a lead on a condo sale, and introduces him to Jonathan, the condo owner. It’s a nice place, almost 1300 sq. feet. “It’s a dicey part of Hollywood,” Chad says, worried he won’t be able to get Jonathan the price he needs.

Chad gets the listing for a just over a million, but mostly because the owner thinks Chad will be able to get young buyers in the door. Chad doesn’t waste a moment and whips out the paperwork. “Strike while the iron’s hot,” he says.

Josh meets up with the executer of Jay Burstein’s estate. Carole Lombard used to own it, and Clark Gable used to live there, but the property is showing it’s age. He wants to list it for $3.25 million dollars. “How fast do you want this house sold?” he asks.

Josh gets the listing, and being a friend of the deceased owner helped.

Madison’s on the hunt, as well. He gets a good lead, and starts doing research. “He’s always on the run,” his assistant says.

Chad meets up with Victoria, his girlfriend. “She’s so amazingly nice,” he says. He had a tough time with bullies growing up, but started reading business books in his teams. “Now I’m living my dream,” he says. Victoria’s graduating from college soon, and is discussing moving away.

Chad goes to his open house, and everyone has to wear booties. The house is owned by an interior designer, and he’s fussy. The buyer loves the house, but it may be overpriced, and Chad’s worried he won’t get the listing price.

An Agent’s Life
There is a moving truck blocking the entrance and it’s messing up the walk through. Another agent arrives and she has a buyer in mind. Josh’s dentist Dr. Sam is also house hunting, and wants a deal. The house is a fixer upper, and it might be what he’s looking for.

Madison goes to the neighborhood of a major portential listing, and paparazzi start chaseing him by mistake. Meanwhile, Josh gets a lowball offer in on Jay’s house. He wants to call his friend Sam and tell him that there is an offer, but feels that would be unethical. He does let his friend know that it would be a good time to put in his offer.

Chad’s girlfriend Victoria is talking about going to New York. Her friend Gabby is going and wants to bring a friend. Chad’s not happy, but perks up when he gets an offer on Jonathan’s condo. It’s low, under a million, but Jonathan thinks it’s too low.

Chad’s on the move to talk some sense into his seller.

Josh is presenting the offer to Jay’s estate, even though he hasn’t heard from Sam. The executor, MIchael, just wants to get the place sold and accepts the offer. Sam loses out, but Josh makes over $71,000 commission.

Madison’s assistant finally gets a chance to sit down with her boss, and resigns. She’s a single mom and being at Madison’s beck and call is just too demanding. Now he has two short weeks to find a new right-hand man.

Josh lets Dr. Sam know he missed out on the house, and Sam wants him to fix it. It’s too little, too late. You have to jump on deals in Beverly Hills!

Stubborn Sellers
Chad’s seller, Jonathan, refuses to negotiate. “We’ll wait for someone else, or we’ll take it off the market,” he says. Chad’s frustrated, because his broker’s opens haven’t produced any other buyers.

Dr. Sam’s house might be back on the market. The buyer is taking too long to move on it, and it might be going back on the market. Dr. Sam puts in a backup offer. He convinces Dr. Sam to put up 10% earnest money to show how serious he is.

Chad attends red carpet events so he can brand himself. Victoria is feeling lonely, but Chad is all business and speaks to condo owner Jonathan again. Jonathan’s decided to take his place off the market. Chad lost the listing – and a $26,000 commission!

“These things get a little boring,” Victoria says as she looks on from the sidelines. “I do have things to do, too.” I see a rocky relationship for them this season!

Wrapping Up
Madison has a big appointment for a 5 bedroom, 5,000 sq. foot estate, complete with saltwater pool. “You’re a lot younger than I thought,” the seller, Camilo, says. “I know who the players are here in Malibu.” Madison reveals that he’s only been in the real estate game for two years, but says his youth is an advantage.

Camilo gives him the listing, because he wants a hungry, ambitious agent working for him. “Results speak louder than words,” Camilo tells him.

Josh is having a rough day. “This is the part of my job that sucks,” he says. “Sam didn’t get the house.” Dr. Sam is mad. “I really trusted you,” he says.

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Photos courtesy Bravo.

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