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BB10 Spoiler: “I don’t diet. I saran wrap.”

August 06, 2008 07:29 AM by Britteny Elrick

Let’s just say, if Memphis makes it through this week, all heck will break loose in the Big Brother house. Find out what the houseguests are plotting today,

April and Ollie talk about the possibility of Jesse going home. April says she will get in Dan’s face if he breaks his word. They bash Libra and Keesha for awhile and call them manipulating b*tches. Jesse tells Michelle that if he gets evicted by one vote, he is going to crush Dan’s hand and make him squeal like a little girl.

The “entire alliance” has a meeting. Afterwards, Keesha reassures Memphis that he is not being voted out and she continues to lie to the other alliance. Jerry tells April not to worry and reminds her that they have all their “words” that they will vote out Memphis. April says if they go against her there will be war. They say if Michelle or Jesse wins HOH next week and puts up Libra and Keesha, they will evict Libra.

Keesha decides that instead of starving herself, she will simply have Renny wrap her entire body in saran wrap and then sit in the sauna. Memphis told her she’s going to die.

Outside in the yard, Dan lays on the hammock and talks to himself and America. He talks about the eviction being in America’s hands, and says if Steven is watching he’s turning over in his Big Brother grave, because Libra is running the house. Dan says he will take Libra out. He thanks America for “hooking up his bank account” and pleads for us to choose Jesse or else he is in some serious trouble with his new alliance. He asks the camera, “Can I trust Memphis is the question? Worst case, who’s going to win HOH, April will be so pissed, Ollie will be so pissed, Jerry will be so pissed,” [Could his shirt be a tribute to him winning the 20k?]

Memphis tells Dan if Michelle wins HOH he will convince her to nominate April and Libra. Dan says he’s probably going to continue his streak of losing and let others do his dirty work. They agree to lay low after this week and let everyone else eat each other alive. Memphis says he will try like hell to win HOH, and he tells Dan that the April / Ollie and Keesha/ Renny alliances are their biggest threats. Memphis says Keesha is a lot smarter than she acts, and Libra has diarrhea of the mouth.

Libra wants April to admit that she made a deal with Michelle, and then threw Jesse under the bus. She says she understands now why Jesse has only been coming after her instead of April.

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