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Project Runway Designers Design For Olympians

August 06, 2008 08:56 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway recapped the elimination of Emily in last week’s dress completion and we learned that some people just can’t step up to the late when they have to do so and that we will be having some great cat fights in the weeks to come as these designers are destined to be the most bitchy to date on PR . This is Project Runway.

Another morning dawned on the suites where the designers were housed and Korto was again saying “Better Emily being eliminated than me” and Kenley was glad to have immunity so she could relax a bit with all of the pressure that was put on them during challenges.

The designers went for their confab with Heidi and she did the whole “Model kicked off” routine once again and poor model Leslie was sent off the runway to gain some weight. The designers headed to see Tim for their field trip to their next challenge. Poor designer Blayne was lamenting that he has not tanned lately and Tim was concerned that it takes too much time to do that. The designers got to some gym and learned that their next challenge would concern athletic gear and was being overseen by 5-time medal winner, Olympian Apolo Ohno.


The opening ceremonies of the Olympic Ceremony outfits for the Women were the challenge for the designers and Tim sent the designers off to an Olympic museum to sketch ideas. It was funny how each of the designers saw something different in the museum and they all headed off to buy their fabrics. The designers began snipping at each other rather quickly, even before they got back to Parsons to start their projects.

Tim told the designers that they had until 1 AM to finish the design and it seemed rather quiet at first as the designers settled in. Well it didn’t last long as each designer ripped the other’s design saying theirs was the best. Leanne was shocked how many pieces Terri had produced and several of the designers ripped Stella’s all-black design. Immunity gal, Kenley, was being ripped because she was being having fun and joking around and the designers were probably more jealous than anything else.

With three hours left until the end of the designing day, Tim bound in to check the progress of the designs. Tim was first to Joe and he was concerned with his time factor; Blayne was doing a weird dress and Tim referenced the Beatles that was completely lost on Blayne; Daniel was a mess; Jerell’s design was way to busy; and Jennifer’s design was way too matronly. Looks like we could have some trouble here. Joe and Daniel got into a tiff because of some sewing machine situation and Joe said that it was too much drama because there were too many Queens around. Oh boy, them is going to be bitch-slapping words for sure.


The day of the Runway show quickly was upon us and you could see the panic in many of the designers face as they seemed to know that their designs were not even close, except for Jerell who seemed very confident. Tim was in to say that the designer’s models were headed in and that they had 3 hours to finish up before the Runway show.

As the designers verbally bitch-slapped the other’s designs, we had not heard much from Suede or Stella this episode, which meant that they were probably safe tonight. Heidi greeted the contestants and restated the challenge and introduced the judges. The designs came down the Runway in the following order; Korto, Suede, Kelli, Joe, Leanne, Daniel, Jerell, Stella, Keith, Terri, Jennifer, Blayne, and Kenley.

challenge winner-korto

After a scoring session, Heidi called forward Suede, Kelli, Leanne, Stella, Keith, Blayne and Kenley and announced them safe and sent them to the back so the judges could rip the remaining designers up, except for the winner of the competition. The remaining designers were drilled, starting with Terri, who they seemed to love; Jennifer was next on the hotseat and the judges did not love so much; Joe was very patriotic in his design and the judges loved the design overall; Daniel’s design was inspired by the 1940′s that the judges were very hard on; Korto’s design was greeted with love from the judges; and Jerell’s design was hated by the judges.


At the judge’s confab, they loved Korto, Terri and Joe’s design and hated Jerell, Jennifer and Daniel’s. With the designers back on the runway, Heidi said that one was “Een” and one would be “Auwt” and immediately announced that Joe was safe. As the other designers sweated it out, Korto was announced the winner and Terri was called safe as well. Jerell was safe, leaving either Jennifer or Daniel going home. Heidi lowered the boom on Jennifer and gave her the kiss of death after she said she was “Auwt.”

Next week, Brooke Shields will be the celebrity who will be the designer’s foil and we will lose another hapless designer who thinks they have great taste.

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