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So You Think You Can Dance Final Performance Show Of The Best Season Ever

August 06, 2008 08:32 PM by DA Southern

Twitch Katee Courtney and Joshua the Top 4

So You Think You Can Dance comes down to the final four, Courtney, Twitch, Katee and Joshua. Cat Deeley announced that each of the couples would be dancing with each other meaning that the guys would be dancing together as well as America would choose the winner tomorrow night. Cat Deeley introduced the judges, Nigel and Mary, as usual and guest judge, Mandy Moore as got into the performances immediately. Welcome to So You Think You Can Dance.

Courtney and Twitch were seen with Tabitha and Napoleon to practice a Hip-Hop routine with Courtney playing the role of a jealous girlfriend in the routine, a role she relished all too well,I mean, as a character. The couple did have a great chemistry and looked as they thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they performed. The judges were very kind to the couple with Mandy saying that it was a great way to start and Mary added a scream to show her approval. Nigel thought it good as well but said that he noticed that it looked as if Twitch lost a little energy towards the end.


The solos, of course, would be sprinkled into the mix during the final performance show with Courtney having the first go at it. Before the solos started, Cat sat down with each of the final four to talk about their individual journeys and Courtney shared that she thought even though she wasn’t the best dancer, she still had something to bring to the show as a dancer. The judges, for the first time, actually critiqued the solos and with Courtney were very kind as I imagine they will be to all of the final four.

Katee and Joshua were back together for the last time as a couple with Wade Robson who hasn’t done too much since the start of SYTYCD, in a Contemporary routine. Wade was excited to be choreographing one for the final numbers for the season saying that the inspiration for the routine was that Love is hard work but worth it. The couple danced their final number on stage to a John Mayer song, Slow Dancing in A Burning Room. It was a great song for the couple and you could tell that they had enjoyed their journey together. The judges loved the routine with Mandy saying that it was beautiful but that technically it needed tweaking, but overall it was beautiful. Mary was in agreement and Nigel added that it was truly one of the best he had seen saying that Katee and Joshua were the best dancers ever on the SYTYCD stage.


Katee and Courtney were with Tyce Diorio in a Broadway number set to The Trolley Song and it was a fun and enthusiastic number that gave the girls a chance to just have a good time with a fun style in Broadway. The judges loved the great story of the song with Mary Murphy saying that they pulled off the number with style and grace, especially pointing out the finesse of Katee.

Twitch was next to solo but we learned in an interview with Cat that Twitch got his name by always wanting to dance. Twitch also added that he loved being paired with Kherington and was sad to see her go. Twitch had a very cool solo and the judges loved his determination and excitement with Mary loving his freestyle. Nigel added that he loved watching Twitch and the way he brings his humor to the stage.


In a cool routine with the guys, Twitch and Joshua hit the studio with a Russian routine wit Russian choreographer, Youri Nelzine, for a way to settle once-and-for-all who is the best male dancer on SYTYCD this season,all in good fun, of course. The routine was fabulous and the audience just ate it up. Mandy Moore said that the men were insane and that the routine was physical and outstanding. Mary was proud to see two Hip-Hop dancers in the finale and ended with a scream. Nigel was proud to see such excellence on the SYTYCD stage.

Next solo was Katee and Cat asked once again asked Katee about that nervous time in Vegas. Katee also stated that her favorite number was the Hip-Hop routine with Joshua earlier in the season and jut wanted to cherish all of the moments on SYTYCD. Her solo was far too short and the judges were more than complementary to her with Nigel saying that she was a brilliant dancer.

Katee and Twitch were paired for a Fox-Trot routine with choreographers Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin as they were put through their paces with the very technical routine. Katee and Twitch took off in the routine to a Michael Buble number, “Feeling Good.” They were graceful as they looked as if they had been dancing together for years. Many Moore said that it was a romantic number and gave Twitch kudos for his lifting of Katee. Mary said that the Fox-Trot is a gentleman’s dance and that he was a true gentleman. Nigel added that Katee was splendid and that every character that she was asked to do she has done brilliantly and that Twitch had spoiled the choreographers by being so good.


Joshua was last to solo and from the Cat interview; we found out that Joshua decided to not go down the sports path so he could pursue dancing. Joshua was a huge fan of the Samba routine that he did with Katee and that he just wanted to savor every moment of the competition. After the solo, Nigel said that Joshua had now set the standard for untrained dancers from here on out because of his performance and heart.

Joshua and Courtney did a Jive routine choreographed by Jason Gilkison who explained that the Jive is a dance with a lot of stamina which suited the pair of them perfectly. The couple did hit the stage with enthusiasm and the routine was flawless in its technical performance and the judges echoed the sentiments of the difficulty of the routine. Nigel said that he was disappointed a bit because of some of the technical aspects of the routine and said that he only told them so they would learn.

The final routine of the evening was the group number from Mia Michaels that will finish off the greatest season of SYTYCD,EVER. Mia put the group through a difficult session but what was one of the most touching endings of a competition ever witnessed and you could see the genuine affection each of the dancers have for each other. The routine was heralded by the judges as the most amazing display of dancing ever on the SYTYCD stage and Nigel finished by saying that Twitch and Joshua deserved to be in the Top 4 and that Katee and Courtney were shinning beacons on the stage and that any audience would love their performance.

Tomorrow we will learn who will be crowned the winner of SYTYCD in the final two hour show that will reunite the Top 10 that will be touring.

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