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America’s Got Talent Chooses The Top 40 Acts

August 07, 2008 09:52 PM by DA Southern

Jerry Springer

America’s Got Talent had Vegas week and we finally learned the fate of some of our favorites,and not so favorites as we learned who will be in our Top 40 and the live LA show for America. Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff will break the hearts of 20 acts. Welcome to America’s Got Talent as we heard the judges fighting about who will stay and who will go.

Tonight’s show is simply the elimination and we will have the names of our Top 40. The first talent who we saw go forward, even after a rough performance in Vegas, was our young Elvis singer. One of the two soul singers, the one with all of the muscles,(Thanks NBC for not giving me names to record, especially when we have not seen some of these acts so much.) ,Made it to LA and the one with the mother who was proud did not. I hope that clears that up for you.

Baton Top 40 act

Nothin’ But Strings was next to strut to the stage and they found out from Piers gave them the news that they were headed to the Semi-finals and we saw the tall guy make it through and a jumping girl and the old-time group as well as some kids and other groups.

We learned that some twin sisters who barely sneaked through to Vegas, improved enough in Sin City to gain a spot in the Semis and the 72 year-old Frank Sinatra impersonator who knew this was his last hurrah found out that he had done enough to get to the big time. We just could not bear to see the disappointment of our youngest competitor, 4 year-old Kaitlyn, of not making it through and we did not see it as she was sent to Hollywood for the live performance show.

The singer who just returned from Iraq who performed so well on the MySpace show, but forgot his lyrics in the performance show in Vegas, was sent from the competition to LA as well as some magicians and some kids and the Opera singer who could sing both parts and Queen Emily learned that she had made it through after being toyed with by The Hoff.


Our baton-twirler who had endured the rath of his peers saw his dream come true to be the first baton guy to make it to the live show and Jessica Price from Michigan, the girl who hoped her Dad would be proud of her, learned that she was headed to the live show as well.

The Sword Swallower from Alabama found out that his act was not powerful enough to go through to the next round as were the clogging girls and various singers, including the Mom that had found the daughter that she had given up on MySpace. The little kid that was autistic learned he was not going through as were a dancing team dressed in pink and black and a talented brother dancing duo that wowed the New York crowd was sent packing as well.

old time dancing guys

The Britney Spears impersonator, Derek, learned his fate as a winner of this round and a 19 year-old dancer who wowed the judges originally was sent home with encouraging words from The Hoff. Donald Braswell, the guy who recovered from a car accident, learned that the judges though he had a great story but was not good enough to go through to LA, which was heartbreaking.

The cartoon characters who danced around and who never had Piers vote were good enough to go through to LA for the live show. Several dancing girl groups made it through as Piers and David must have overruled Sharon and the Dancing Dads made it as well as did the gay cowboys. The final dance decision was between the dancing clogging girls and a more contemporary girls group came down to the more contemporary dancing group.

The final decision came down to a place between two opera singers, Michael and Neil. The judges saved the most controversial decision yet as both men were very powerful in at least one of their auditions. At the end, however, Neil E. Boyd could count on America seeing him for their self and Michael got a shot as well.

Neil E. Boyd

At the end of the show, Jerry told us of an injury of the jumping pole girl and said America would now have a chance to vote for a wildcard between, singer Donald Braswell, contortionist Victoria Jacoby, dancers Junior and Emily, acrobatic dancers Lil’ Country and Page 1ne, sword swallower Dan Meyer, performance artist Miss Pussycat, singer Kyle Rifkin and dancer, xclusive.

Vote at NBC.com/AmericasGotTalent for your favorite to have another shot at the title during the live performance shows which will start after the Olympics.

Come back to Reality TV Magazine for all your America’s Got Talent news and be sure to come and chat about the show and your favorites on our message boards! For more great information please visit SirLinksAlot: America’s Got Talent.

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