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BB10: Jessie Evicted, Michelle Wins HOH

August 07, 2008 07:42 PM by Ryan Haidet

Jessie Evicted

Day 31 for the players in the Big Brother 10 house arrived with yet another live eviction. After last week’s Head of Household competition, April promised that both Michelle and Jessie would be safe. With Jessie nominated for eviction against Memphis, would her promise hold out?

Keesha and Libra want Jessie gone

Both Keesha and Libra had reached the breaking point with Jessie and hoped they might be able to sway April’s mind (she has been targeting Memphis). Libra said all Jessie does is eat and sleep and will soon be targeting them.

April came into their bedroom and Keesha confirmed in a confessional that she really doesn’t like April at all. It’s because Keesha says April is so fake to her face. In their discussion, April said that Memphis should be ousted because he’s a smart player in the game.

So that didn’t work.

Outside later, Keesha told Memphis that other players in the house were promising votes to keep Jessie safe. Memphis said those people are voting away their games.

Keesha talks with Memphis

Back inside, Keesha and Libra both agreed to vote against Jessie. They knew Renny was on their side, but they needed one more vote to get the majority. They wanted Dan.

What would Dan do?

Keesha asked both Dan and Memphis to come inside their room. That’s when Dan gave his word to vote on their side. They also agreed to stick together. “If I vote for your ass and you put me up next week, I’ll kill you,” Libra told Memphis.

But Dan, being America’s temporary Player, had no say on who he was going to vote for — it was America’s decision. So his promises were almost worth nothing.

April and Jerry were talking about the upcoming eviction and said they had the majority of the votes to get Memphis out — they just needed to make sure Dan was still with them. So while Dan was swimming in the pool, Jerry went over and asked them to stick with the alliance and vote out Memphis. Dan sort of agreed.

Later that night, Dan was talking to himself and America while laying in the hammock. “If you (America) vote out Jessie, I’m gonna be in trouble. If you vote out Memphis, I’m gonna be in a lot of trouble. My rear is gonna be under fire — big time.”

Dan talking to America about the vote

Dan’s friends and family weigh in

Some of the students Dan coaches on the football team back in Michigan were very excited to see him on TV. They cheered and laughed as they watched him give motivational speeches to the women competing in the HOH competition last week.

His sister loved the idea that he was America’s temporary Player. His mom, however, was not so fond. She said that it would just make people question his motives more than they already do.

Live conversations

When host Julie Chen went live inside the house, she asked Michelle about the unitard. Michelle said that that she both loved and hated the outfit. She also said this week’s eviction is hard, but realizes that it’s a game.

Keesha was asked about the fight on her birthday and she said that nothing has yet been forgotten.

Then Libra was asked about taking the trip to Hawaii instead of trading her Veto competition prize for a letter from home. She said that if she hadn’t taken the trip that her husband would have killed her. Michelle, who originally won the trip before Libra took it away, made some nasty looks that if Libra would have seen — whew — it would have got nasty live right then.

Time to evict

One at a time, the houseguests eligible to cast a vocal ballot entered the Diary Room and announced their choice for eviction. The first three votes, coming from Michelle, Ollie and Jerry were all to evict Memphis (the intended target all week). The next three votes, coming from Libra, Keesha and Renny were all to evict Jessie. It came down to America’s vote on which player they wanted Dan to evict. Their choice was Jessie. By a vote of 4-3, Jessie was evicted from the house.

After Chen made the announcement, Jessie jumped up and hugged Michelle right away. And when he said his goodbyes, he only really acknowledged his alliance (Jerry, Michelle, Memphis).

In his exit interview with Chen, he said he wasn’t surprised with the vote because he knew it was Dan who had turned on him. He also said there was nothing he regrets. Chen asked him what he thought of being called arrogant. He said that the other players can think what they want, but “As far as I’m concerned, my name and arrogance should not be in the same sentence.”

Then it came time for word association. Chen named a player and Jessie was asked to describe them.

Jerry: “In really good shape.”

Renny: “Was a trip the first week.”

Michelle: “Very proud of her.”

Libra: “Very deviant.”

Jessie: “The man.” (not arrogant, huh?)

America wakes up the houseguests

Right around 1 AM one night, Big Brother decided to wake the houseguests with loud, screaming calls from America. And these lasted — it seemed — all night. Some tried to go back to sleep, but it wasn’t very successful because the loud calls kept screeching on.

But those calls were made for a purpose. Those were the center of the questions in the HOH competition.

The houseguests were asked a series of true/false questions about those calls. If they answered incorrectly, they were eliminated from the competition. The last person standing would win the power.

Renny and Ollie were the first two eliminated. Then shortly after, almost all the competitors were wiped out with one question leaving only Libra and Michelle.

Michelle is the new HOH

The next question gave Michelle the win. “That’s for you Jessie,” she screamed. We also saw briefly that Jerry got right in Dan’s face and appeared to be yelling. Although their words were inaudible, it’s something that will probably be showed in Sunday night’s episode in which Michelle nominates two players for eviction.

First image courtesy of CBS.

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