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BB10 Spoiler: Which Houseguest is Going Back to the Future?

August 07, 2008 07:17 AM by Britteny Elrick

Tonight, one houseguest will be leaving the Big Brother time warp and returning to the cold, harsh reality of life – minus $500,000.  So who’s it going to be?

Well, if all goes according to plan: Jesse’s had better pack his leotard.

Libra goes up to talk to April.  April tells her that she heard she wasn’t in her alliance anymore, and that it was just Libra, Keesha, and Renny.  Libra says she is getting played, and April still believes they are all together.  Later on, Libra tells the entire conversation to Keesha and Renny.  Libra also thinks she can’t trust Dan, but since he will get put up if he breaks his promise, she believes him.  She imitates April saying, “Not to be greedy, but Memphis does have a car” and Renny replies, “Yea, well she has a bunch of gold bars up her butt.”   [oh Renny, you are slowly but surely climbing the ladder of likeability]

Jesse and Michelle talk about how everyone is plotting against them.  Jesse says he doesn’t think Dan is saving him any longer because he mentioned that he was on the way out and Dan didn’t say a word.  He thinks the whole vote hinges on Dan. Jesse also thinks that April has Libra and Keesha fooled [um, sounds like they all have you fooled].  They think Keesha has Renny brainwashed.  Michelle says none of them can think for themselves and talks about how April will call another meeting today that they aren’t allowed to.  Jesse tells her to put up Libra and Dan if he gets evicted, so then she can rule the house one Libra leaves.

The houseguests have another cameo on Craig Ferguson.  They still think the earthquake was fake, and don’t understand why the audience was laughing at them for thinking that.  Memphis still thinks it was real.

Keesha talks with Memphis.  He says if April tries to bribe him with money not to put her up, he will take it and still put her up!  Keesha says she will tell April flat out that their alliance is over after the nominations.  They talk about how everyone has plans to take Jerry to the end.  Dan tells Keesha that Libra and Renny don’t trust him and asks if she could help him with change that.  Keesha wants to target April next week.

Ollie and April discuss their disdain for Libra, yet again.  Ollie mentions attacking her and splitting her head open with a baseball bat?  April is still convinced everyone is voting out Jesse.  She says when Jesse and Michelle don’t put her up on the block, then she will trust them and join their alliance.  They wonder who Jesse would put up against Libra if he wins HOH.  Jerry tells Ollie that if Dan votes to evict Jesse, he will shove his cross up his @ss!

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