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Last Comic Standing Awards the Title Tonight!

August 07, 2008 09:02 PM by Lisa Stauber

The Last Comic Standing will be declared tonight, but first we will be subjected to God’s Pottery and treated to an assortment of celebs. Last week, America voted and the results are in. Bill Bellamy and Fearne Cotton are hosting, and Joel McHale is putting in appearance, as well.

The opening act features ribbon dancers, fencers, and some familiar faces from the season. It’s a spoof on the Olympic games, complete with Chinese dragons and fake torch. The Olympic theme runs throughout the night.

Fearne Cotton and Bill Bellamy

The five finalists are Iliza Schlesinger, Marcus, Jeff Dye, and Jim Tavare. Joel McHale jokes about the contestants as he recaps the best moments, including Sean Cullen bombing with the girls next door and Marcus dressing in drag.

Jon Reep, last year’s champion, gets a bit. He received a key to his hometown, and got a part in a movie after his win. He’s still got it, joking about small towns and loving the Fourth of July.

Last Comic Driving returns for the last time, and the winner is a girl! Whitney Cummings is the winner.

Marcus Last Comic Standing 6

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog gives the finalists a pep talk. “I predict that Marcus will sell many more CD’s,” he says, “because he’ll be working at Virgin records. He insults each of the comics in turn.

The first voting result is revealed, and one comic is eliminated. America did not vote for Louis Ramey, who will be going home. “You have to believe in yourself in standup comedy,” Louis says, “and I love what I do.” He’s shocked to be the first to go, but has a positive attitude.

The special presidential ads air. John McCain goes first. “I may not be the Last Comic Standing, but I am the funniest man running for president,” is his punchline. Barack Obama follows up with a bowling joke.

Jon Lovitz makes an appearance, and jokes about losing weight. “Muscle weighs more than fat, so to lose weight,” he says, “you just have to lose all that muscle.” He ventures into dangerous territory, joking about the presidential candidates and blind men.

Another vote is revealed, and another comic is going home. “America, you voted last week, and the next comic leaving us tonight is…” Bill says, “Jim Tavare.” Jim’s going to be okay, though. He’s decided to move to the US because he loves the waffles so much.

Fearne tests the last three contestants on poise and grace, pageant style. Steve Schirripa and Richard Belzer are on hand to judge. They ask some standard questions, and the comics answer. “If I could have dinner with anyone, I’d choose Gandhi, because he’s a cheap date!” Marcus says. “The biggest problem facing young people today is old people,” Iliza says, as she runs from old-timer Richard Belzer. Jeff Dye says that the three things he’d bring to a desert island would be bottled salt water, coconuts, and sand. They are all awarded tiaras.

It’s time to learn who else is going home. “The next comic leaving us tonight is…” Bill says, “Jeff Dye!” His mother, seated in the audience, starts to cry.

Now the two finalists will perform, and Iliza is up first. She’s had to perform on every single episode of the competition. She dedicates her set to her mom, and launches into her comedy gold mine: drunk people jokes.

Marcus is talks about airplane experiences and getting too old for metal bands. “You can make anything cool just by adding the word, ‘space’,” he says. “I get to wear a spacesuit to work! Awesome!”

Iliza Shlesinger

it’s time to find out who is the Last Comic Standing. Marcus’ girlfriend and Iliza’s parents are in the audience, and Fearne gives them a quick 15 seconds of fame. The winner will receive a $250,000, a Honda Pilot, an appearance at the Las Vegas Jubilee show, and the title. The winner is Iliza Schlesinger, the first female comic to win the title!

Reality TV Magazine is your source for Last Comic Standing news and information. What do you think of the winner? Chat on our message boards, or remember the other contestants with our cast bios. For more on Last Comic Standing, check out SirLinksALot: Last Comic Standing.

Photos courtesy NBC.

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