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So You Think You Can Dance: America Chooses Their Favorite

August 07, 2008 09:29 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance ends with a bang tonight as we end the long road with the crowing of a new dance sensation. Cat Deeley, looking splendid for the final show of the season, announced the final twenty touring girls and guys and finally gave us the Top 4 as the 2 hour spectacular took off with six choreographers who were most active season sitting at the judges table. Cat Deeley talked to Adam Shankman about the winner’s role in his new movie and Cat showed the highlights of the auditions that lead us to this point. Welcome to So You Think You Can Dance.

With all of the emotional performances we have seen in the season, it is easy to see how this has been the best season of SYTYCD. A Shane Sparks group number with the Top 20 was fun to watch as we will see many group numbers that will get us to the final revelation at the end of the 2 hour finale.

Many of the favorite routines were showcased once again and Nigel started it off with the Bollywood routine that Joshua and Katee did. Mary Murphy chose Courtney and Gev and the Rumba that they danced as her favorite and the duo recreated the routine with the passion that they had preciously done it.

group dancing

Cat was back as she introduced two former Popping castoffs from SYTYCD, one who quit and one who was eliminated, who were preparing to take the stage. The two poppers, Robert and Phillip, had a Pop-off on the SYTYCD stage and had the audience and the judges cheering the two talented Poppers. Cat polled the judges for the winner and Robert took the first ever Popping crown based on the judge’s decision.

Adam Shankman was next to pick a favorite routine and chose the routine from Comfort and Twitch in a Hip-Hop routine. I must admit it was good to see Comfort back doing what she does best, Hip-Hop. Lil’ C picked a routine from Napoleon and Tabitha that Chelsie and Mark did.


In a surprise dance routine, the vivacious Mary Murphy showed the kids how it was done showing the dancers that she knew what she was talking about all season as she looked fabulous on the SYTYCD dance floor strutting her stuff that made her so famous by doing a Ballroom routine that had all the right moves.

Mia Michaels picked a routine that Katee and Will had done to Idols David Archeletta’s song, Imagine. The pair again knocked it out of the park as we saw the reason Katee should be considered the favorite to win. Cat asked Adam again for another favorite from choreographer Sonya that Courtney and Mark danced that fun number to The Garden that was as fun and playful a number that has ever been done on the SYTYCD stage.

Cat Deeley had to announce the first elimination of the evening unfortunately and Courtney was sent off the stage not winning the top prize but definitely a winner. Courtney’s journey was profiled and it was clear that she will be headed to great things down the road.

The Top 5 guys did a fun routine that looked as though they could comprise a dance troupe on their own and we were treated next to a fantastic Wade Robison routine from Criss Angel’s Las Vegas show.


The remaining three finalists were called out and Cat announced, in a shock, that Katee was off the show, meaning that for the first time in SYTYCD history a non-trained dancer, Joshua or Twitch, will be the winner of SYTYCD. However, Katee was told by Deeley that she would be getting $50,000 as the last girl standing in the competition.

Before the Jonas Brothers performed, Cat talked to Debbie Allen and announced that the Debbie Allen Dance Academy had a special performance and about twenty very talented performers of all ages, Including Executive Producer, Nigel Lythgoe, performed. Nigel, too, is quite the hoofer and showed us why he deserved to be a judge. Mary Murphy once again wanted the famous “Door” routine that Twitch and Katee did to be performed and we finally got to see the Jonas Brothers, for all of you who just could wait no longer.

Cat next talked to Debbie about her favorite routine and she picked a routine from Twitch and Kherington that showed Twitch’s softer side and catapulted him to the forefront of the competition. Nigel picked the last favorite of the night from Tabitha and Napoleon that Casey and Joshua had performed that Nigel said propelled Hip-Hop into a new consciousness.

joshua winner of SYTYCD

After a look back at the past seasons and where many of the dancers are the final two got some well wishes from the past winners, we were treated to a group number from some of seasons past performers.

The time for the final reveal and both Twitch and Joshua deserver the title, but there can be only one. Cat announced that a street dancer has never made it to the final decision and announced that Joshua had won the title of America’s favorite dancer.

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