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BB10 Spoiler: “It’s Awwwn!”

August 08, 2008 05:21 PM by Britteny Elrick

As predicted, after Jesse’s eviction, all heck broke loose in the Big Brother house. And the sweetest revenge of all: Michelle won HOH. See what happened after the show,

Michelle called everyone a traitor and then went to the spa room to dance in front of the camera for several minutes. She tells the camera “that bitch is going down” [in regards to Libra]. The house divides and April, Ollie, and Jerry side with Michelle, leaving Dan, Keesha, Libra, and Renny against them – Memphis is stuck somewhere in the middle. They fight, yell, and cut each other down for several hours and some nasty remarks were made in regards to Dan’s religion and Libra’s parenting. Michelle hopes Dan loses his job for swearing on the Bible and lying. She also thinks he was “paid” to cry to Jesse and definitely thinks something isn’t right.

Dan takes it pretty hard and wants to be alone. Libra mentions calling for a counselor. His alliance keeps coming to check up on him and he tells them to leave. They are all very worried about him. Eventually, he does peak out from behind his pillow and smirks at the camera, letting us know he isn’t really that upset. Michelle comes in to talk to him and asks him if he is even a teacher and if his girlfriend “Monica” is even real. He answers yes. She asks why he went back on his word to Jesse and he said he didn’t have an answer but he will have to live with himself. He denies swearing on the Bible and on the cross to Jerry. Meanwhile, Jerry says that Dan is a prick and he will never speak to him again.

Jerry tells Keesha that Dan had an alliance with him, April, and Ollie. Keesha is surprised. Keesha thinks if Michelle is smart she will try to get rid of April. She also thinks BB rigged the competition for her to win. Keesha tells Michelle that she should have April and Jerry pay her not to go up [in front of everyone]. Michelle asks her who she would put up if she were her, Keesha says herself, Libra, April, or Ollie. Renny tries to put thoughts in Michelle’s mind by telling her that Jesse leaving was all April’s fault for nominating him. She says that April should have made Jerry remove Jesse and this wouldn’t have happened, [ooo Renny's got a little fight in her].

Memphis is upset that Jerry is trying to kiss Michelle’s @ss, when he was cutting her down last week. He is also pretty upset at the rude remarks that people are saying and doesn’t think winning is worth it. Michelle asks him if he’s going to keep his word to Libra and Memphis says, “I have no word.” His only word is that if he won this week he wouldn’t put them up. He says its he and Michelle against everyone and they just have to let them take each other out. He reminds her that April is the reason Jesse is gone.

Everyone goes to see Michelle’s HOH room.

Dan and Memphis talk. Memphis says that he knows Libra will go up and maybe Keesha or Dan. Memphis says his goal is to get Jerry and April out, but it would be fine if Libra leaves too. He wants Michelle to break up the threesome of April, Ollie, and Jerry [he doesn't realize Michelle has joined their alliance]. They both think they need Keesha to stay in the game. Memphis tells Keesha that Michelle only wants to put up Libra, not her. He thinks she should tell Michelle that she won’t put her up if she happens to win HOH next week, but Keesha doesn’t think she’ll believe her.

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