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Highway 18: Episode Two Inside Information

August 08, 2008 03:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

Highway 18 Host, Keri Murphy divulged inside information onthe secondepisode of Golf Channel’s newest series.

During the Start Challenge all five teams were escorted more than a mile into the Swamplands at Payne’s Prairie State Preserve. The cargo van that carried the contestants had all of the windows blacked out so that the contestants had no idea where they were being taken.

Peach however, saw a faint bit of sunlight through the blacked out windows, and realized that it was always to the right. So, when Peach and his partner Jay sprinted toward the Buick Enclaves, they had three paths to choose from and chose their specific path because of the position of the sun. Peach recalled where the sun was when they arrived, and they chose the path where the sun was in the same position, showing them the correct direction back to the Enclaves.

Then thereis the crazyduo ofAndy Crain and Parker King, the North Carolina boys that keep everyone laughing on crew, especially during the Start Challenge, when they were running their vehicle out of the swamp. Because of the rule that neither teammate can venture farther than 20 feet from each other at any time during series, Andy had to yell at Parker to slow down more than five times,as they were running back to their vehicles. Each week their jokes and comments will only get better.

Although Rob and Charlotte Campbell struggled in the Challenge at Florida Field, they made up a lot of time in the clubhouse challenge and finished in third place. They showed a lot of competitveness when they moved ahead of the two teams and their excitement grewwhen they met host Keri Murphy at the finish line in third place.

Ashley and Asleigh, were determined to win at any cost and used outside influences to their advantage including convincing the Cable truck man to drive slower so they could get ahead. Ashleigh Korzack struggled during the Clubhouse challenge and admitted that she and Ashley Davis learned a valuable lesson to play fast, but play steady.

The third episode of Highway 18 will air on Tuesday August 12 at 10 PM ET right after a min-marathon of the first two episodes on the Golf Channel.

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Photo credit: The Golf Channel

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