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BB10: Keesha & Libra Nominated!

August 10, 2008 07:58 PM by Ryan Haidet

Jerry in a fight

It was another night of fighting before past Big Brother contestants made their return.  And the house was definitely seeing a divide after Jessie was voted out — many weren’t happy with Dan.

Jessie’s eviction

Right as Jessie stood up to walk out the door, he whispered into Michelle’s ear to stick with Memphis.  He did the same for Memphis whispering to him about sticking with Michelle.

“I think I vomited in my mouth,” April said when she saw Jessie walk out the door.  She was still upset that some of the house had voted him out.

But Libra couldn’t stop smiling ear to ear.  “Put me in a bright and white commercial ’cause I was glad to see him hit the road,” she said.

As for Dan, he knew he was in trouble and put into an awkward position because he had promised both sides of the house that he would vote along their alliances.  Jerry said he lost Dan’s respect because he feels like he hides behind his cross.  Right after Michelle won the Head of Household competition, Jerry yelled, “Screw you people!”  Then he approached Dan and said, “Don’t hide behind your cross.”

Outrage ensues

The house was surely divided.  Dan stood by his move and said he never swore on his religion.  In fact, before the live eviction took place, he took off his cross.  In a confessional, he was brought to tears saying he has never taken his cross off before.

After the eviction and HOH competition, Dan went to his bedroom and hid his head under a pillow.

In the kitchen, Michelle said that Renny was laughing at her for staying up all night to listen to the wake-up calls from America.  But Michelle — having won the HOH competition regarding questions about those wake-up calls — said it was definitely the smart thing to do.  Renny got upset with her statements and said that she had no ill intentions when she said it the first time.  There was no attempt to make fun of her.

Right when the conversation got heated up, Michelle said, “Don’t hide.”  That’s when Keesha and Libra came around the corner right on cue.  But this fight really didn’t feature much of Keesha.  It didn’t even seem like it was going to last that long — that is until April yelled at Libra for swearing on her kids.  SCREEEEECH!  Hit the brakes.  The walking-away Libra stopped in her tracks, turned around and continued the fight.  She said she never swore on her kids while April yelled right in her face.

Libra fighting with Michelle, April and Jerry

Libra took a seat in the living room when Jerry started clapping and said, “I’m glad you’re going home.  Dummy.”  Of course, Libra responded to that as well and said she was no dummy having graduated from college.  “With low honors,” Jerry fired back.

Ollie then asked where Dan had gone.  “Probably burning,” one of them said.  “He’s a disgrace,” April added.  “Put down that Bible.  Put down that cross,” Michelle continued as she stormed around the kitchen.  Jerry said Dan needed to say some prayers now.

Jerry hiding behind his cross

Memphis, who was sitting in the living room, was shocked at how the argument turned against Dan’s religion.

Dan’s strategy

Memphis went and talked to Dan about how arrogant he thought April was.  He said it blew his mind.  One thing was certain — they were two of the few who didn’t get upset and argue with everybody else.  And they agreed to keep it that way.  Neither wanted to blow up and cause more drama.

But there also seems to be some kind of friendship between these two.  Memphis, trying to play both sides, went and told Michelle that he is always on her side.

Memphis talks with Michelle about strategy

Very upset with Dan about his vote to evict Jessie, Michelle said she was even questioning what Dan said his job was.  “Are you really a teacher?” She fired that question at him as she went into his room.  He said he was, but couldn’t really explain to her why he lied.  He simply told said that he was a weak player.

Michelle’s HOH bedroom

The houseguests ran upstairs to see Michelle’s HOH bedroom.  But some felt April was being a bit fake.  She was telling Michelle how cute her brother was looking in her pictures.

Michelle then got emotional as she read a letter from her brother.  It brought Renny to tears and she walked out of the room.  She went downstairs and laid in bed as she wiped her tears away thinking about her family.  Dan came in and comforted her, sitting by her side.  He was followed by Keesha who tried to console Renny.

Dan comforts Renny

Back up in HOH, Jerry said he didn’t want to talk to Dan anymore.  Michelle, Ollie and April all sat on and listened as Jerry said it was time to get Libra out of the house.  Michelle seemed to agree.

Food competition

In a game-show setting, the houseguests were set to compete for food — but not against each other.  Big Brother invited back 10 past players to play “In the News…” a contest hosted by Brian, this season’s first-ousted player.  One at a time, a current houseguest would call out another player.  Then Brian would tell a news story that was either true or false.  Then the past player used a bit of strategy to convince the current player if it was true or not.  If the current player got it right, they won food for a specific day of the week.  If they got it wrong, the past player took home $1,000.

PLAYING FOR:  Food on Monday — Dan picked Mike Boogie.  Was Brett Favre really traded to the Jets?  Of course, Boogie played it perfect and told the story exactly as it happened.  Dan doubted him, though and said the story was a lie.  So that was a loss of food for Monday, but another $1,000 for the man who won Big Brother All-Stars.

PLAYING FOR: Food on Tuesday — Renny picked Jen.  Brian read a story saying that the national average for a gallon of gasoline was now over $6.  Jen told her the truth and said that was no way close.  Renny believed her and won food for Tuesday.

After several questions were laid out in the competition that lasted far too long, the houseguests only won (in addition to food on Tuesday) a feast and food on Sunday.  Every other day was ready for slop.

As for Chicken George, he finally won something (taking $1,000) too after fooling April into believing Britney Spears was going to record a country album.

Nominations loom

Renny was in her room talking to Keesha about how she can’t stand April.  So she decided to try and convince Michelle to get her out of the house.  In a private discussion in the HOH room, Renny asked Michelle about April.  Why would April nominate Jessie if she didn’t want him to go?  Michelle pondered the question and said that definitely gave her something to think about.

Renny asking Michelle why she won\'t nominate April.

But when it came time to pull the keys, it was revealed that the obvious targets — Keesha and Libra — were nominated for eviction.  Michelle said it was mainly strategic since they’re both strong competitors.

After the ceremony, Jerry talked about Dan in a confessional, “In my house he will always be known as Judas.”

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