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BB10 Spoiler: Fine Wine and a Fight

August 10, 2008 06:05 PM by Britteny Elrick

Apparently, Saturday night was complete mayhem in the Big Brother house. It started out as a very promising night, as the houseguests enjoyed a lobster feast and a couple of bottles of wine they had wonfrom food competition. But when they finally went off to separate rooms, chaosslowly filled the house…

The fightstarts with Keesha and April. Keesha tells April she was pissed about her comments regarding her hanging out with Memphis and how she threatened to put her up in Jesse’s place. April says she has never once gone back on her word. Screaming, yelling, finger pointing… Keesha says she nominated Angie for the alliance, not for herself.

Later on, Keesha, April, Michelle, and Libra are all fighting in the HOH room. The focus is on Libra. Libra says she has heard people saying she was the one who rallied the votes for Jesse… she denies that. Michelle pins her down and reminds her of when she said she knew Jesse was after her and that he was gonna go and MIchelle was next. Libra says she knew Jesse was after her and found out the “votes were there” so she voted him out, but she didn’t rally.

April says, “what about Angie?” Libra says she wasn’t the one who put her up. Keesha says that she takes the blame for putting Angie up, but she did it because Libra and April told her to.

Then the fingers start pointing at April,and Keesha says she never takes responsiblity for her actions. Keesha gets really frustrated and storms out. April tries to talk Michelle into voting her out. She goes outside, sees Renny, but doesn’t want to talk with her. When she walks back inside, Michelle tries to comfort her, but they start fighting. Meanwhile, Libra tries to work on April upstairs. Keesha starts crying, and tells Michelle that the money isn’t worth this. She says she wishes she could have gotten to know Michelle earlier because she seems like a genuine person. She warns her not to believe April’s lies. Michelle says if there were more chairs, there would be more nominees.

Michelle goes outside to have a breakdown. She starts screaming and yelling explitives talking about how she’s not gonna get blamed for all these people’s decisions. She goes inside and stands on the landing to the stairs and yells, “I did nothing but get screwed here!” Libra hears her up in the HOH room, and says that is why they don’t give us alcohol. Michelle goes into the HOH and insists that she is calm, although she is losing her mind.

Keesha, Memphis, and Jerry are in the backyard… Keesha continues to freak out big time. She says she wants to go home to her boyfriend, none of this is worth it. She said she’s stuck between Libra and April who are both nuts. Jerry commends her for letting out her emotions and tells her “he controls the vote” so not to worry. She tells Jerry that April hates him.

Althougheveryone is in the living room, Michelle and Libra manage to get into one of the biggests shouting matches of all time. Libra forces April to admit that she was not responsible for getting out Angie. Libra tells April if she doesn’t vote her out this week that she will never talk to her again [she's had it]. Michelle goes outside and talks to Keesha. She tells her that she is not the target this week. Keesha says she will probably never speak to Libra or April again, but she has no problem with Michelle. They start to bash April.

Libra and April go to talk in the storage room and Libra continues to try to get her vote, although April is already voting Keesha out. Memphis is outside in the spa talking to Jerry [wow, they're talking?]

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