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BB10 Spoiler: POV Ceremony is Over!

August 11, 2008 04:28 PM by Britteny Elrick

While theBig Brother houseguests are still living in the aftermath of Saturday night’s massive fight, find out who has the power to remove one of the nominees from the chopping block…

POV Competition: Jerry wins, again. He doesn’t use it, but gives a big, long speech that makes everyone mad. Shocker. He calls Dan out in front of everyone [as if he was the only one that voted Jesse out] and says mean things regarding his religion, etc.

Keesha is embarrassed and blames the fight on the alcohol. Ollie thinks the whole situation is funny. I guess BB was scared that the HG might chase each other with knives or something, so they had Renny remove them from the table. Keesha is pissed because Libra had said she wouldn’t campaign against her, but Ollie doesn’t understand why she is surprised. They continue to bash Libra for awhile. Everyone agrees that the whole night was just Libra trying to get Keesha evicted. Libra announces that she just wants peace and quiet til Thursday, and she wishes she would have gone out last week so she didn’t have to go to sequester. Later on, Keesha and Libra make up and Libra says she has her vote in the final two.

Memphis and Keesha talk outside, while everyone else cleans up after their feast. Memphis is still skeptical of Jerry even though he tried making up with him. Jerry told them both he was going to take Keesha off with POV – but they don’t believe it. Memphis and Dan are playing the houseguests and telling them they don’t trust one another, so no one catches on to their alliance.

April and Ollie think that Keesha needs to go after Libra. They are happy that Keesha made a fool of herself because now America will love April more [what?] April tells Michelle that she told Libra off, which was a lie. April wants Keesha out. April, Ollie, and Jerry all agree to nominate Memphis and Keesha if they win.

On a hilarious note, Renny makes an announcement that someone is using the wipes when they go to the bathroom and they are throwing them away instead of flushing them. Later on, she finds out it was Jerry and tells him they are flushable. On another hilarious note, Jerry says Dan’s body is ugly and calls him a “little bow-legged c*cksucker.” YIKES!

Libra cries to Dan about being evicted. She says she wishes she would have aligned with him instead of the girls. She is scared of what people are saying on the internet. She tells Dan to watch out for Keesha and not let her drink so much.

Meanwhile, Renny and Keesha get suspicious of their talk, they think he is trying to get her to convince the jury to vote for him. Keesha tells Memphis that she thinks he is America’s Player. Renny talks to Michelle about Dan and Libra. Michelle says Dan was looking in the mirror while he was hugging him and smiling [uh oh,] Michelle thinks he and Libra might be a team, however, she believes only Dan is AP. She shares her thoughts with April, Ollie, and Jerry.

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One Response to “BB10 Spoiler: POV Ceremony is Over!”

  1. merryolecole Says:
    August 11th, 2008 at 9:17 pm

    This is the worse season ever for all the arguments. I hope children aren’t watching Brothers this year.


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