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High School Musical Get in The Picture: Connect

August 11, 2008 07:43 PM by Paulene Hinds

HSM the ten left

Tonight on High School Musical: Get in The Picture, the ten remaining performers learn to connect to people without words and sing duets for the faculty.

Host, Nick Lachey explains to the group that sometimes you can connect with people without saying a word and then sends Briana and Christi off to the chorus as he takes the remaining group to their first task.

Montre Burton meets the group in a park and tells the kids that sometimes you can make a stronger connection with others by using actions instead of words. He then gives them three very specific things that they need to do. The first is to get a hug from a stranger, the second is to get a stranger to look up in the sky and the third task is to get a stranger to give them some of their food. They must get as many people to do these things that they can.

The group heads off and Bailey begins to make eye contact with people and they respond to her by giving her hugs. James found that getting hugs was the hardest part of the task and Tierney ended up being turned down by a gentleman as he didn’t want his wife to be offended.

Christina gives out flowers to people and they respond to her in a very positive way, but poor Ether is unable to come out of his shell once again and doesn’t really connect with anyone during the task.

Meanwhile, at the chorus practice, Rob Adler teaches the two girls how to better perform and gives them a sense of team spirit. They learn how to connect by playing an imaginary game of tug of war. He then explains to them that they are the foundation of the new team that will be formed as the eleven people come together in the end.

Back at the park, the kids were still hugging people and trying to get food. Bailey and TJ were the first to get food, but Isaiah is the real winner getting lots of food and even sharing it with other strangers. Anthony is the funny guy again and scores food and hugs and a look up at the same time.

Montre explained that people put up boundaries and barriers and the task was all about bringing them down. He wanted the kids to realize how much they actually rely on words and commented on how Bailey was so joyful in her approach and how it worked for her. He then commented on Ether’s struggles and Ether felt that he wanted to spend time with people and get to know them instead of following the task as it was presented.

Back at the school, the group continued to get to know each other and Shayna got under Anthony’s skin when she asked James to help her learn scales on the guitar. He felt that she was trying to be number one and that really bothered him.

The next day, Nick Lachey sent the two girls off to the chorus again and then tells the group that they will really get to connect with someone this week as they were singing duets. He then separates the groups in the following way; Anthony and TJ singing,”I don’t Want To Be.” Stan and Shayna (the lovebirds) get the song, “Austin.” Ether and Tierney were given, “One Year Six Months” and Christina and Isaiah were to sing,”Boston.”


The last group was James and Bailey. They were given “Bleeding Love” as their song. Bailey was very excited when she was given James as a partner, but when she looked over at him, she felt very bad because he didn’t look happy to have her as his.They cleared this up when they began to work together (it was the song he wasn’t thrilled with)and when Tiana Brown came into the room she could sense the tension and hoped that they would be able to work together.

Isaiah was excited to be working with Christina, but she didn’t feel connected to him. Regina Williams helped them to get the emotion that they needed to perform their song.

TJ and Anthony were confident with each other and they were able to have a chat. This is when Anthony made his feelings known about Shayna, shocking TJ.

Stan and Shayna had sparks flying with their perfomance, but her heart was somewhere else…back at home with her boyfriend who she was missing desperately. This didn’t prevent Stan from flirting with her though.

Ether and Tierney vocally hit it off and Ether tried his best to connect with her, but she had no physical connection with him. Montre felt that they both tended to bottle up their feelings and this would be a challenge for them to live in the moment.


After the performances, Tiana Brownfelt that Bailey and James still had a few more kinks to work out, although there were times that they were magical.

When Stan and Shayna performed their duet, Jen Malenke felt that their connection was so deep that they were unable to let the audience share it with them and was disappointed.


Christina and Isaiah’s performance was the best and Regina Williams thought that the connection was so great that Christina lost her vocals because she became so involved in the role.

Anthony and TJ’s performance seemed forced and Chris Prinzo wondered if Anthony had all of the tools required to progress as fast as they needed him to.

Montre thought that Ether and Tierney’s performance was interesting as it was the first time he had seen Tierney channelling all of her energy toward her partner. He felt that Ether wasn’t where he should be because he wasn’t allowing himself to be free.

In the end, Isaiah was the top performer of the evening. He was handed the list to call off the names of the kids going on. This week Tierney, Stan, James, Bailey, Shayna, TJ and Christina. Anthony and Ether were headed to the chorus to join Christi and Bailey.


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