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The Mole: Who Won The Game And Who Was The Mole?

August 11, 2008 10:25 PM by Paulene Hinds

The Mole Final Three

Tonight, on the finale of The Mole we find out who was the winner and who was the Mole!

Host, Jon Kelley revealed the winner tonight of 420,000, but more importantly, who the Mole was.

The three finalists were waiting behind locked doors as the nine executed players waited to find out the truth.

Jon revealed each of the players suspicious moments beginning with Nicole. She revealed shady behaviour early on in “the fruit of the luge” mission by repeating a fruit and in “go figure” when she came back with the wrong numbers.

Craig did the same in “fruit of the luge” by talking when he wasn’t supposed to and his suspect behaviour continued in “travellors” when he didn’t make it easy for the players by choosing the worst items for them to use to get to their destination, making the players opt out of the mission and winning him an exemption.

Mark also had his fair share of dubious deeds when he thought only of himself to get an exemption in “race to the summit” and also when he had a change of heart in the “dress code” mission when he opted out.

Jon then placed a key in each of the doors that the final three players were behind and told the executed players that the winner had the only key to open their door. Mark walked out of the door to a standing ovation from the crowd.

Next, Jon gave Mark the key that would open the Mole’s door. Out walked Craig to the surprise of most of the players.

They then congratulated Nicole on her cunning way of playing the game and showed many of her antics that she displayed throughout, including her threat on Paul, which will go down in history.

Jon explained to the group how Mark figured out who the Mole was:

Mark had a strong motivation for the game and his strategy from day one was to form a coalition and share information. He found a perfect coalition partner in Clay, who he felt he could trust. Together they targetted Victoria as the Mole. At the next execution there was a three way tie between Victoria, Alex and Mark. Clay was safe with the exemption and Victoria had Craig on her radar, but as she was rushing through the quiz, she mistakenly hit a wrong answer. If not for her mistake, Mark would have been executed.

Mark was always taking notes in his journal, making others think of him as obsessive. After his journal was burned, he began to doubt everything, even his coalition partner. Eventually he was able to refocus and get back on track.

Mark continued to work with Clay and together they targetted Kristen. There was once again a tie and Mark was in that with the executed player. During the next execution Mark andClay both targetted Nicole and time was running out for him and his coalition partner. They were still convinced that Nicole was still the Mole and in the next quiz they tied, but Mark had a faster time and Clay was executed. Even after Clay was gone Mark still believed that Nicole might be the Mole.

Fortunately for Mark, time with his wife rejuvinated him, and once again he had his goal clearly in mind, needing to win this for his family. Mark knew what he had to do and earn the game’s final exemption and secure himself a spot in the final three. This bought him some time to finally figure out who was the Mole.

When Paul was executed that left only two suspects and Mark had to decide whether to trust Clay one last time. If Clay had been truthful about targetting Nicole on the night of his execution then that left Craig as the Mole, but had Clay been truthful?

During the final quiz, Mark applied the wealth of information in his journal towards Craig and he became unstoppable.

Throughout the game, Mark’s journey was full of near misses, but his talent and work ethic led him to victory.

As the Mole, Craig’s idea was to play the game as the fun loving guy, who tried his best, but just couldn’t do it very well.

He started out sabotaging from the very beginning. In the”over the falls” mission he was told to drop the bag, but instead of being angry with him, the group actually encouraged him.

In the “Crusoe” mission, Craig plundered along at a snail’s pace and covered the tobacco tin up in the sand, telling everyone that there was nothing in the rocky surf. In reality the copper kettle was there and resulted in a loss of 10,000.

In “race to the summit” he was told to be an uphill battle player, but he ended up on the soccer team and scored a goal on his own team.

In the “when pigs fly” mission, he was the one who told Bobby to get into the wheelbarrow and their team didn’t bring back one pig. He kept a potential 11,000 out of the pot.

In “fruit of the luge” he talked to Victoria after the end of the ride at the finish line, but once again the group overlooked his sabotage.

In the “travellors” mission, he was told to assign players forms of transportation that would prevent players from reaching the monument in time and keep 30,000 from the pot and earn him an exemption. What he didn’t count on was the players strong reactions. This actually worked to his advantage and the group opted out. Still no one suspected him.

The only one to suspect Craig and choose him on a quiz was Paul and that wasn’t until week 7.

In “how’s the view” Craig was up to no good once again and purposely botched the children’s games by getting Nicole to speak and breaking the rules. His poor performance in the rest of the mission prevented 27,500 from being added to the pot. Craig was also given the answer to the doublet, but couldn’t match Mark’s time, so instead he made sure that he got shot. This prevented 15,000 from going into the pot.

Going into the “tick-tock boom” mission Craig had all of the answers so he gently guided the group to success without detection, showing that sometimes the Mole even has a heart.

Craig did an awesome job as the Mole and sabotaged well over 100,000 from going into the pot and doing it in a way that kept him off most people’s suspect list. His ability to make others think that he wasn’t as smart as they were made the group underestimate him.

The group really didn’t want to believe that Craig was the Mole and everyone thought that he was excellent at what he did.

The one thing that wasnot sabotage by Craigduring the show was when Craig ended up in the hospital after the “midas rush” mission. He commented that anyone behind the scenes that knew who he was looked quite frightened that day.

Jon discussed all of the hidden clues that were shown during each episode this season. Some were very well hidden, while others were evident when you looked back at them. My favorite was how they never called Craig’s name at any of the executions each week? How did I miss that one???

After all of this deception and suspicion, everything has finally been revealed and as this season of the Mole comes to an end, the winner is well deserved and the Mole played acunning game.

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