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BB10: Jerry Keeps Nominations The Same

August 12, 2008 08:05 PM by Ryan Haidet

Dan the center of Jerry\'s wrath

Things have risen to a crazy level for the remaining players in the Big Brother 10 house.  After the nominations were announced, nobody seemed surprised that Michelle had targeted Libra and Keesha.  Everybody except for Dan.

Dan said he felt like he was going to be the definite target after he betrayed the house and voted out Jessie.

Jerry was still fuming about Dan’s actions and said that the only way his moves could be justified is if Dan turned out to be America’s Player.

Keesha was upset that she was nominated and went to her room where she started to cry.  Dan came in to comfort her.  Then Libra came in and said that she was going to ride out the week and not campaign against anybody.  She understood that she was the target.  She had taken Michelle’s Hawaii vacation and forced her to wear a red unitard all week.  Libra then told them that if she is in fact the next person evicted that she wants April to follow her out the door right after.

Jerry’s wrath

Up in the Head of Household bedroom, Michelle told Keesha that they all wanted Libra out.  The only concern was that Libra would win the Power of Veto to save herself.

Right before the players were picked for the upcoming POV competition, Dan said in a confessional that the only person he didn’t want to play was Jerry.  That’s because he felt Jerry might actually try and target him.

Made by random choice, the three people joining Michelle, Keesha and Libra in the contest were Memphis, April and Jerry — sorry Dan.

Jerry wants Dan gone

Later that night, April, Ollie and Jerry were outside and April expressed her disgust for Libra by calling her a compulsive liar.  But Jerry was still out against Dan, his “Judas.”  So he went upstairs to the HOH bedroom and told Michelle that he actually thinks Dan is America’s Player.  Michelle said she had been thinking that herself.  “If he’s America’s Player, he’s a scumbag,” Jerry said.

Choppin’ onions for the POV

Outside there were loads of onions.  “Smells like an armpit out here,” Dan said.  The task was simple.  The six players had 45 minutes to chop up onions and then place the bits inside one of two boxes — a Veto box and a mystery box.  After the time was up, the player with the heaviest Veto box would win the POV with the top two heaviest mystery boxes winning a prize.

With three different ways to cut the tear-jerking onions — a knife, mallet and dicer — the houseguests dove right in and started choppin’ away.  Their eyes started watering from all the onion cutting.  The cool thing about this contest was they could be greedy and go for a prize or try to win the POV.  It was all up to them.

As Jerry was stuffing his Veto box, Dan asked Ollie how bad Jerry had it out for him.  Ollie told him it was almost personal now.

When it was all over, the boxes were weighed and Memphis and April had the heaviest mystery boxes.  Memphis won the requirement of wearing an onion necklace for a full day.  “Being number one in Big Brother is not always the best thing,” Memphis said in a confessional.  “I’m wearing a necklace made of onions.”  April’s prize was much better — she won five designer outfits.

Memphis wears an onion necklace

After all of the Veto boxes were weighed, Dan’s worst nightmare came true.  Jerry had won the POV.

Middle fingers, a feast and a scallywag

Right after winning, Jerry went in the house and started doing some sort of dance while waving his middle finger in the direction of Dan’s bedroom.  Ollie was laughing at how Jerry was acting.  Jerry continued to label Dan as “Judas” and said he was ready to put him up on the block.

Jerry went back up to Michelle in the HOH bedroom and told her he wanted to scare Dan.  To get revenge for what he did to Jessie last week.  His plan was to pull Keesha off and replace her with Dan.

The houseguests enjoy a feast

But it was time for a feast.  In the food competition, one of the few prizes the house won was the right to have a catered feast.  They all gathered in the kitchen and scarfed down their food when Keesha said she felt they should all say something positive.  When Renny spoke, she brought Jerry to tears after she complimented him.  Dan stood up and started to cry when he addressed Jerry.  He said he thought of Jerry as a grandfather.  Jerry responded and said that he felt betrayed and didn’t feel that he deserved it.

Renny gives cheers at the feast

When April and Keesha were talking, Libra made the joke that the only reason Keesha was being nice is so she could get one of the designer dresses.

Ollie’s positive comment was that if anybody felt they needed to ever talk to him that he was more than open to do so.  Of course, Libra took him up on that and pulled him into the storage room.  She was upset he had called her a scallywag when she and April were fighting over Jessie’s elimination.  She started to cry and said that she was very hurt.  Then she said that it wasn’t her who had targeted Jessie in the first place — it was Keesha.  “That’s all I need to hear,” Ollie responded.

Another fight breaks out

In the HOH bedroom, April, Keesha and Michelle were chatting away when somebody brought up Libra’s dress comment.  Keesha said she needed to bring her upstairs to call her out on it.  Libra told them it was all a joke (and it seemed that way on the television so it’s almost like everybody is looking for the excuse to fight).  Keesha didn’t care if it was a joke or not and said that she didn’t think it was funny at all.  So — big surprise — they started yelling at each other.

That’s when Libra fired out that she wasn’t the leading force behind Jessie’s eviction last week.  Keesha did admit that she felt threatened by him, and didn’t deny that she was the one responsible (which she was).  April, sitting there nice and smug, was then pulled into the fight.  Keesha said that April had been trying to put thoughts about Jessie into her ear.  Keesha couldn’t take it anymore and walked out of the HOH room crying.  Michelle followed her and said she wanted to understand what was going on.  “I can’t play the middleman between crazy and crazier,” Keesha told her.  She said she couldn’t stand how Libra was taking all of the blame for Jessie’s eviction when April had a hand in it too.  Keesha was through with April and made it very clear she didn’t like her.

Veto ceremony

Keesha stood up first and told the house that she understood why she had been nominated.  She told Jerry she didn’t expect him to use the POV on her.  Then Libra stood and pretty much mirrored Keesha’s comments saying she didn’t expect the Veto to be used on herself either.

Jerry then spoke and said they wouldn’t have been his choices for nominees.  He wanted Dan up there.  “You will always be Judas in my house,” Jerry said in front of everybody.  Libra and Memphis looked shocked at Jerry’s remark.  But even with his threatening comments to Dan, Jerry decided to not use the POV and kept the nominations the same.

Libra is one of the nominees for eviction

Keesha said she wasn’t ready to leave and was going to have to “kill them with kindness.”  As for Libra, she said she’s ready to fight for herself and to let everybody know that Keesha had a lot to do with Jessie’s eviction last week.

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