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Joshua Allen Talks About So You Think You Can Dance Win

August 12, 2008 06:32 PM by Joe Reality

Joshua Allen Wins So You Think You Can Dance

Every year the talent just seems to keep getting better and better on So You Think You Can Dance. Last week, Joshua Allen beat out fellow top four finalists Twitch Boss, Katee Shean, and Courtney Galiano to claim the title for the fourth season of So You Think You Can Dance. After his emotional victory, Joshua took time to talk to reporters about his experience on the show.

Judge Nigel Lythgoe often made a big deal about how well Joshua was doing for someone who didn’t have a lot of technical dance training. When asked to elaborate on his dance background before the show, Joshua said, “I took modern class, I took ballet classes, and I took some jazz classes, but I wasn’t technically trained, like William, Mark, or Matt. I just took classes, and I knew what everything was. I didn’t want to go into the competition dumbfounded and act like I didn’t know what anything was. I felt like if you want to do well, and be a well-rounded dancer, that you should know a lot of the different styles of dance. I took classes, but I wasn’t a technically trained dancer, of course.”

Joshua continued, “I started taking class when I was about ten, but it was only in the summer because I was a real sports fan, I would always run track and I was the varsity running back in high school, and I would mostly play sports; dance wasn’t that big for me. I was really a sports person, so it was always in the summer. If I were to add up all the technical training, as we would say, it would probably be about two and a half years, maybe almost three.”

When asked what he learned from his experience on the show, Joshua said, “That whenever you feel like you’re exhausted and you can’t give anymore; you have a lot more to give. The show pushes you that hard. We didn’t know our limits. This show pushes you to your limit, and it doesn’t accept anything less than your best. I’m a much better dancer than I was before I started the competition, now it’s ridiculous.”

When asked about him and Twitch getting dehydrated while practicing for the finale, Joshua said, “We do dance a lot of hours and it wasn’t that big of a deal. We really thought we were okay. We’re fine now. We just forgot to drink and replenish our bodies. We were just concentrating on having a good show and doing a good job that we kind of forgot to drink water, but everything is fine now, it’s cool.”

When asked if he ever thought he would eventually win the competition back when he was first auditioning, Joshua Allen said, “We always hoped we would, but you never really know if you would. I would always hope to, but it was just so crazy. In a way, I didn’t, but I would always hope for the best.”

When asked what went through his mind when he was announced as the winner, Joshua said, “I was just really shocked, I was just waiting for her to say Twitch’s name, because I knew a lot of people loved Twitch. It was really overwhelming, I was really just overjoyed, and I was so happy, really happy.”

When asked what the judges said to him after he won, Joshua replied, “They said congratulations, and you’ve worked hard, and you deserve it. Nigel said I was a benchmark for next season, for the next hip hop people that are untrained will have to step up their game now. That was pretty cool.”

When asked what he would like to say to his fans and supporters, Joshua said, “Just thank you so much for everything you’ve done and the voting. That means so much to me. Every time you voted, that was my little voice behind you saying thank you so much for every single vote you voted for me, and just believing in me that I could do it. I represent all of the hip hop and street dancers out there, and it was so cool that we took it this year, that hip hop got it this year.”

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Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/FOX

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