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Million Dollar Listing Agents Beware of Buyers!

August 12, 2008 09:44 PM by Lisa Stauber

Million Dollar Listing is back, showing us the exploits of three young real estate agents in the high end California market. “I’m the number one real estate agent for my age in the Western territory,” Josh says, “Dealing with difficult clients comes with the territory.” Tonight, we see how the guys handle buyers – and sellers- from hell.

Condo living
Josh goes to Dr. Sam’s house to make friends again. He wants to keep him as a client. He brings in caviar, which Dr. Sam doesn’t eat. “I really want to find you another house,” Josh tells him. Dr. Sam wants to buy a condo and they book a time to look.

Chad got a call from a client who wants to list his condo. Wonder if Josh and Chad will bump into each other? He’s got a difficult client as well, who lives in the most expensive condos in L.A. Elton John, Lindsay Lohan, and a host of celebrities lives there, as well. Ron Richards, the owner, sets his price high at $2.3 million, and demands to pre-approve all prospective buyers and agents before they are even allowed to see the place.

Personal Goals
Chad is taking his girlfriend to his parent’s house for a birthday party. “With my father, I always had to work for everything,” Chad says. He’s still looking for approval, and tells his dad about every deal he does. “It’s very important that I make my dad happy.” He tries to set up weekly lunches to work on their relationship. “Whatever,” his dad says. “Okay.”

Madison just got the biggest listing he’s ever had, Camilo’s place at $4.8 million. Madison’s gotten a hit on his website, and the buyer is from out of state and wants to make a full price offer without even having seen the house. Madison’s a little suspicious, but will work with it. “Something’s going on,” he says, “it’s very unusual.” Camilo’s not returning calls and Madison still has to replace his assistant.

Clash of the Agents

Ron Richards gives Chad a call to show him another space. The condo has two bedrooms, but it’s 2300 sq. ft. and Ron owns it, as well. It’ll be up for $3.8 million. Josh gives Chad a call to set up a showing for Dr. Sam, but Ron has said he won’t allow Josh Flagg in the unit. Josh doesn’t believe him and thinks Chad is lying. “That’s BS!” Josh says. “I don’t have problems with anyone.”

“Clearly the guy is jealous of me,” Josh says. “In this business, we have to respect each other,” Chad says, and he feels that Josh is looking down on him. Chad gives Ron a heads up, and Ron says he expects Chad to follow his instructions.

Madison is showing Camilo’s house to a student, who plans to live there with his friends. It’s huge, with 5 bedrooms. “A 21 year old who wants to buy a $5 million home does raise some curiosity,” he says. It seems he’s just getting strange hits on the property. “I just fell in love with it,” Jeremy says. “I’ve been blessed with a really generous family. I’m ready to make an offer.” Madison ushers him back to the office.

Josh is showing Dr. Sam a few other condos in other places. Dr. Sam specifically wanted to see Sierra Towers, where Chad has his listings, but Josh is showing him Wilshire Corridors. That condo doesn’t have a good view, and Dr. Sam is less than impressed.

Sierra Towers Broker’s Open
Chad’s holding a broker’s open on the Sierra Towers units, and needs to look perfect so he heads to the salon. He’s got two places to show, and he’s invited his boss, Rick Hilton. Yeah, he works for Paris’ dad. “I need everything to go smoothly.”

“I’m spending almost $1000 on catering from a four star restaurant,” Chad says. There are only a few brokers who will be allowed in. “Juggling two opens will not be easy,” he says, but the front desk will call as agents arrive. “Today was a total triumph!” Chad says after Kathy and Rick Hilton leave.

Sealing the Deal
Madison presents Jeremy’s offer, which is a lowball. “Don’t waste my time,” he says. The offer is $4.2 million, including the furniture. “If people make low offers, I don’t even bother responding.” Madison makes him respond, and Jeremy goes up by a tiny amount. Jeremy offers $4.5 million, and Camilo accepts it.

Josh is determined to see the Sierra Towers properties. “I’m going to allow him to see the property without me present,” Josh tells Chad on voicemail. “We’ll set up an appointment.” Josh goes to lunch with his grandma, and she tells him to save money or she’ll disinherit him. “I give you nothing!” she says.

Chad gives Dr. Sam a private showing, and Ron has improved it. Dr. Sam thinks the closets and bathrooms are small. Ron is disappointed in the client. “There’s no vetting,” he says. Meanwhile, Madison is going through the inspection process. “There’s a ton of things that can go wrong,” he says. “No real major issues,” the inspector says. That’s a relief!

Chad has an offer on the Sierra Towers, for $1.9 million. “It’s a waste of time!” Ron says. They decide to respond with $2.3 million. “Ronald is very firm in his price,” Chad says. “I know that it’s just a little overpriced. He’s only got 90 days to sell the places, but his client isn’t making anything easy.

Wrapping Things Up
Josh stops by Dr. Sam’s on the way to a masquerade ball. Dr. Sam decides to concentrate on selling his house, and then looking for something new. He wasn’t too impressed with the Sierra Towers and thought it was a hard sell.

It’s been 90 days, and Chad stops by to find out what Ron plans to do with the listing. “The listing expires at 11:59 tonight,” he says, “I need to know what you want to do.” Ron decides to extend the listing. “I like having him as my real estate agent.” Chad calls his dad to let him know about his triumph.

Madison stops Camilo’s house to drop off the keys, and he’s stocked the pantry for his buyer. Madison repped both sides, and made a double commission. He’s going to a lingerie show starring his girlfriend, Lauren, and celebrates making a ton of money.

So far, Madison and Josh have sold properties, and Chad got $6.1 million worth condos relisted. Check back to see what happens next week!

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Photos courtesy Bravo.

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