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Project Runway Welcomes Brooke Shields To The Jungle

August 13, 2008 07:46 PM by DA Southern

Project Runway has had no trouble attracting A-List celebs in the past couple of season as it has grown in popularity. Brooke Shields is the latest celebrity to stop by to see Heidi, Tim and the gang as she was looking for designs for her hit TV show, The Lipstick Jungle, from the designers.

After a hard session at the last challenge, Daniel was definitely trying to stay out of harm’s way this episode, which means he is probably in trouble. Heidi greeted the designers and told them, after eliminating some poor skinny model, that they would be designing for a “High-powered” woman, which had Blayne with the funniest statement of the night, saying that he “Hoped it wasn’t Hillary Clinton because he didn’t want to design a neon pantsuit.” Heidi then sent the designers to Parsons to meet Tim and he then announced the celebrity as Brooke Shields, which had most of the designers salivating to win this challenge. Brooke wanted a design for her character and Tim then announced that the designers would be working in teams of two, which is always trouble for them and hilarity for us.


The designers had thirty minutes to sketch and then would pitch it to Brooke with the Top 6 being the team leaders. Brooke picked Keith, Korto, Jerell, Kelli, Kelli and Blayne as the team captains with their designs. Tim then gave each of the captains a chance to pick their team mates and Blayne started it off by picking Leanne as his teammate. Keith picked Kenley; Terri picked Suede; Korto picked Joe; Kelli picked Daniel and poor Stella got picked last, or assigned, as the case may be, to Jerell.

With a hundred and fifty dollars and a deadline of midnight, the designers were off. Keith was already butting heads with Kenley and Stella, the “Le-thaaa Queen” was giving Jerell fits, and that was before they even starting sewing. Tim then announced that there would be no immunity for this challenge as the reward was big enough; Brooke Shields actually wearing the winner’s design on her show.

Kenley was not pleased with Keith’s overall design and Kelli told us that she wanted to win so her grandmother could see her design. Suede was uncomfortable with Terri’s design and she said that he needed to “Man-Up.” Stella was once again pounding some “Lethaaa” for Jerell’s design and Tim was in to announce that their models were on their way in for an early fitting, but we are not sure why.


Daniel totally screwed up the first skirt design for Kelli and had such a bad attitude about it saying “It’s her design, not mine. I’m just sewing it together.” Suede was having an equally bad time with Terri, even to the point of her telling him “It is horrible” after he delivered his first piece she had requested.

With two hours left in the day, Tim bounded in to check on the progress of the designers. Tim was first to talk to Blayne and Leanne and thought their design way to sporty; Jerell and Stella were next and Tim was vey impressed with the design; Kelli and Daniel were next to sweat it out before Tim and after seeing the design, Tim could only say that he was “Dubious” about their design; Terri and Suede announced that they worked differently and Tim said that he was satisfied with the design and Terri felt vindicated as Suede had been giving her so much grief; Keith and Kenley seemed to be doing well and, finally, Korto and Joe were defending their “Big sweet potato,” as Tim called it, with Joe saying that the coat was too baggy.

judges, kors, garcia, heidi and brooke shields

Runway Show Day: The designers were scrambling to finish the designs and the obligatory trashing was taking place about each other’s designs. Tim was in to tell the designers that they had an hour to get ready for the show and Jerell was exceptionally vocal about how bad Kelli and Daniel’s design, shaking his head “No.”

After Heidi reiterated what the challenge was all about, the designs hit the Runway with Korto and Joe’s “Sweet Potato” design out first. Next out was Kelli and Daniel’s mostly black design followed by Jerell and Stella’s very pretty design. Keith and Kenley actually managed to put together a nice design with a textured look and Terri and Suede’s pantsuit design failed to get a big reaction from the judges. The design from Blayne and Leanne was still way too sporty for Brooke Shields as the last of the designs were pranced across our TV screens.


The designer’s were lined up after Heidi announced that the scores were in. Heidi asked that the following teams step forward; Jerell and Stella, Kelli and Daniel, Keith and Kenley and Blayne and Leanne sending the others to safety. Heidi announced the winner and the loser would come from the bunch and then has the models com out so the teams could defend themselves.

challenge winners kenley-and-keith

The judges loved Jerell and Stella and Keith and Kenley’s design and were not-so-much in love with Kelli and Daniel and Blayne and Leanne’s design. In the confab, Kelli and Daniel was really being trashed as was Blayne by the judges. When the designers were back in front of the designers, Keith and Kenley took home the Gold,sorry, a little Olympic reference there,and you could see that Jerell was pissed. Jerell and Stella were announced safe and Leanne was said to be safe as was Daniel, which was a shock. In a close call for Blayne, he was announced safe and Kelli was sent packing her sewing kit and heading into the sunset by Tim.

going home kelli

In a preview of next week’s show, we will see that the designers will be designing costumes for Drag Queens, which should be an interesting design challenge, to say the least.

Come and tell us what you think about the Designers on Project Runway Season 5 on our Message Boards.

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