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BB10: Libra Evicted, Renny Wins HOH

August 14, 2008 07:16 PM by Ryan Haidet

Libra evicted from the Big Brother house

Day 38 arrived for the remaining houseguests competing in Big Brother 10. Tonight’s live eviction would not only determine the sixth evictee, but the first member of the jury who votes for a winner.

Jerry and his Judas

After the Veto ceremony where Jerry referred to Dan as Judas, Libra said in a confessional, “Apparently Jerry didn’t get the manual for Big Brother.” She said this is a game for deception and strategy — not the Marines.

Renny thought Jerry’s comment actually made him look really bad.

Up in the Head of Household bedroom, Memphis asked Michelle what Jerry’s issue was. He said the comment was unnecessary and inappropriate.

In one of the bedrooms, Libra came in and apologized to Dan for being called Judas in front of everybody in the house. He said it was OK. Then in a confessional, Dan was ecstatic with Jerry’s actions because everybody was throwing sympathy his way.

Upcoming eviction

April told Ollie by the hot tub that the reason Keesha is gunning for her is because she is prettier. The two were on a mission to try and oust Keesha. They knew they would be able to get Jerry to vote with them, but they needed one more — Dan was their swing vote.

So Ollie pulled Libra aside in the storage room and told her that they may be able to keep her in the game if she could sway Dan. That’s exactly what she tried to do. Libra pulled Dan aside and she told him the house may have a split vote and he could have the deciding ballot.

Libra tells Dan there could be a split vote.

Dan said in a confessional that keeping Libra around may not be a bad idea since she causes trouble and isn’t after him. If she stays, her drama will keep negative focus on her, not him.

Libra’s family

In Houston, Texas, Libra’s family has been watching her very closely. Her daughter said that she really misses her mom and loves her lots. And her husband said he was one who really pushed her to go and leave for the show because it would be a good experience. As for the Hawaii trip that she took from Michelle in the Veto competition last week, her husband said he was happy she did that. He said it would give them alone time they really could use.

He was also upset with Michelle’s comment when she said Libra’s kids should be taken away. He said that was a really unfair thing to say about a mother over a trip to Hawaii.

Addressing Jerry’s comments

When host Julie Chen went live with the houseguests, she asked Dan if his faith has played a role for him in the Big Brother house. He said it has and that when he gets out of the house that he will be going straight to confessional.

Then she asked Jerry if his comment was just made in the heat of the moment. He said that he was really hurt by Dan last week and he felt his religion became a prop.

Live eviction

Keesha stood first and addressed the house saying that if she is in fact evicted that she holds no hard feelings against anybody. She said that she realized why she was nominated and had fun in the house regardless. As for Libra, she said she understands it’s just a game.

This is where the episode really got lame. Prior to the vote, lots of confessionals showed the house seemed to be split — because of April and Ollie’s attempt to eliminate Keesha. Not so much the case.

April targets Keesha

After all the drama the producers made it appear was taking place with April and Ollie targeting Keesha — all six houseguests eligible to vote entered the Diary Room and voted out Libra. What a waste of time. This is not the first time the editing has led viewers on another direction and the vote wasn’t even close. I understand they have to create suspense and drama, but it’s just getting ridiculous.

After Libra was ousted, she took it very well, said her goodbyes and walked out the front door to the cheering studio audience. She became the first member of the jury of seven.

HOH competition

The game was a simple one. Chen read a series of comments comments made in the Diary Room by one of the first four evicted houseguests. Whichever contestant buzzed in first would get to answer who made the statement. If they got it right, they would stay in the contest and pick somebody else to eliminate. If they got it wrong, they were eliminated. Renny got the first question right and eliminated April. Then Dan got his right and eliminated Jerry. Next out were Ollie, Memphis and Dan after they each missed their question. That left Renny and Keesha. After buzzing in and answering correctly, Renny won the power for the upcoming week.

Renny is the latest HOH.

Although the editing in this episode was extremely disappointing, it was all worth it because at least we got a quick teaser for Survivor: Gabon.

First photo courtesy of CBS.

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