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BB10 Spoiler: It’s Renny’s house now, y’all are just living in it.

August 14, 2008 08:49 PM by Britteny Elrick

There’s a new sheriff in the Big Brotherhouse, find out what she’s thinking….

It’s a pretty quiet night in the house. Renny and Keesha talk for a little bit. Renny asks, “What is Memphis’ story?” Keesha acts a little aloof, and Renny asks if they have a deal. Keesha says her only deal was with April and Libra. Renny says, “Would he take you to the end?” They agree he wouldn’t because he couldn’t win against her. Keesha says no one would take her to the end, but Renny says, “I would.” Renny says Memphis is a threat. Keesha asks if she is thinking about not putting up April, and Renny says she’s just thinking about stuff. Memphis walks in for a second to see if they want to work out… when he leaves they talk about how it is suspicious that he and Dannever win anything.

Keesha says Michelle and Memphis are good players because everyone likesthem and no one would putthem up. She thinks April, Michelle, and Memphis are her “top three” competitors. Keesha says she likes Memphis because she knows he wouldn’t vote her out as of right now and that’s why she wants him around. Keesha says Renny is every bit as liked as she is and no one will want to take them to the finals. They think that either of them could possibly win against Jerry in the finals, since everyone hates him. Renny thinks Memphis will only use people to get where he wants, and Keesha agrees. They both think Memphis threw the POV last week and he could have won and saved Keesha.

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