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BB10 Spoiler: “Maybe slop tastes better with a lollipop on the side?”

August 15, 2008 05:05 PM by Britteny Elrick

As Renny is desperately trying to figure out what who she will nominate, the rest of the Big Brotherhouse is starting to feel a bit uneasy…maybe a few hundred lollipops will make them feel better?

Food Competition: Ollie, Jerry, Memphis, and Dan are on slop and lollipops for the week!

Renny talks with Michelle and asks her if she knows of anyone who wants to vote her out. Michelle says that she’s pretty much alone and no one tells her anything. They agree they like each other, and Michelle says she won’t be mad if Renny nominates her. Michelle asks if she is going to put up April, Ollie, or Jerry. Renny asks if she would nominate her if she gets HOH, and Michelle says no. Then Renny asks her if she would swear on her family and the Bible, and Michelle says yes.

Renny asks her who she thinks is the biggest threat, but doesn’t give her a chance to answer because she pipes in and says April is a huge target. Renny says she would take her to the end [what's Keesha now, chopped liver?] Renny says she really wants April out even though Jerry nominated her week one. She asks her what she thinks of Memphis [much in the same way she asked Keesha] and Michelle says he seems cool. Renny tells Michelle that she had better have her back because she stuck up for her when people brought her name up as a nominee. They say some nice, heart-warming, quasi-fakethings to each other and leave it at that.

That conversation, of course, spurred Michelle to go around to everyone and try to figure out who brought up her name to Renny. Then after confronting April, Michelle tellsher and Ollie that she is very upset with Jerry. They all trash talk him for awhile saying that he backstabs everyone.

Memphis and Keesha discuss the fact that they need to win lots of HOH’s [really?] They agree that they aren’t sure whether they trust Dan [of course, Memphis really does though]. Keesha asks if he has a deal with Dan, and he denies it. Memphis says he wants out April.

There is a lockdown, and when the HG come back there is a table full of presents. Apparently, it is a bunch of designer clothes and accessories that April won in the POV last week.

[um, no one is really happy about this]

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