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BB10 Spoiler: Renny Has Chosen Nominees and the POV is Over!

August 16, 2008 03:35 PM by Britteny Elrick

Everyone is on pins and needles to find out what who Renny will nominate in the Big Brother house,find out who gets nominated and who wins POV!

Jerry is telling everyone that he wants to be evicted so he can eat real food… [really? I'd expect a little more from a Marine.]

Renny and Keesha talk. Renny is confused about who to nominate but she knows she wants April, Ollie, or Jerry out. They talk about putting Jerry up, although he’s not out to get them. Keesha goes and tells Memphis what Renny said and they agree that she should put up April and Ollie. Renny approaches Memphis about making him the pawn with Jerry and he says he’ll probably end up going. Everyone wants April out. Renny thinks she might put up April and Jerry. She’s trying to figure out who won’t be as mad the week after nominations since they will still be in the house.

Keesha and Michelle join Memphis and Renny and she asks them if either want to be the pawn. They both reiterate that the pawn always goes home somehow.

Renny asks Dan what he thinks about being put up with Jerry as a pawn. Dan says he wants Jerry out. She asks him to swear on the Bible and he says he isn’t comfortable with that anymore, but he’ll swear on his girlfriend. Hah! Dan thinks she should put up two people in the April, Jerry, and Ollie alliance. Dan pretends like he doesn’t trust Memphis, but they should focus on getting April or Ollie out. Dan promises he won’t put her up if he wins HOH.

Ollie and Renny talk and she tells him April has a bullseye on her. She says she would rather he stay than her. She tells him she has enough votes to keep him and he tells her not to do what the crowd wants, but what she wants.

Ollie tells April that he’s here to play the game, but if he wins POV he will use it on her. April is pissed and wonders why she is a target. She says she is going to accept the nomination with dignity, but she wants Ollie to go after ‘em. They get into another lovers’ spat and April says he’s acting too positive and doesn’t care she’s leaving. Ollie warns her not to turn on him and says he will get vengeance if she gets evicted. April then goes to Renny and tells her she shouldn’t be seen as a threat, but Renny says she’s a competitor.

Keesha tells Renny that the smartest move would be to nominate April and Ollie, then if one wins POV they can put up Jerry. If not, one of them can save the other and Renny will have to nominate one of her group.

April and Ollie get in another fight and April is super upset. Ollie says not to worry he will win POV for her, she says she will win it. April starts the water works and Keesha comes to the rescue. They joke around about people who watch the live feeds and think that is creepy. They don’t think the cameras are in the HOH room. [mwahahah!]

And the nominees are,.APRIL AND JERRY!

POV Competition: Renny, Jerry, Ollie, Keesha, Dan, and April – Michelle hosts.

Dan and Memphis catch wind of the fact that Renny told Ollie he would be safe, and they wonder why she didn’t tellthem that.They think the POV is critical or elseone of themwill go up as the pawn. They hope there will be more prizes offered so that April will take it instead of the POV [probably not this week guys,] Memphis and Keesha agree they don’t trust Renny.

POV Winner = Dan!

April thinks of possibly bribing Dan with some of her money bars. Ollie agrees and he thinks she should try to convince everyone why they should get Jerry out. They agree that Dan owes them [?] because they’ve kept him safe. Ollie reassures her Jerry will go home.

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