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BB10: April and Jerry Nominated!

August 17, 2008 06:00 PM by Britteny Elrick

Rennyis the Queen of theBig Brotherhouse this week andafterseveral days ofscheming, she has made her decision. She nominated houseguests Jerry and Aprilfor eviction, with the intention of targeting April.

The houseguests rehash Libra’s eviction. April says that she didn’t have the votes to evict Keesha, so shejust votedwith everyone else. Michelle says she is the only one who didn’t get a hug from Libra.Keesha is happy the vote was unanimous and it made her feel good.

Renny talks about missing her mother and that she got emotional when she won HOH. Keesha feels safe now that Renny is HOH, and April knows she will be nominated. Memphis feels like it isa perfect situation with Renny in charge. Renny is concerned with Memphis moving into Keesha’s room now that Libra is gone because he will charm her. Memphis tells Keesha it’s a huge relief that Renny is HOH and she agrees that it couldn’t have gone better.

April and Ollie talk and Jerry interrupts as usual. They walk into their bedroom and as they passMemphis and Keesha say they think that they are getting nominated. April tries to make her case to Ollie that Renny would be stupid not to nominate Jerry… and of course, he walks in again and lays on the bed. April says she is going to try like hell to get Jerry up there with her because she will have a good chance.

Renny is suspicious of Memphis. She asks Keesha what his deal is and if he promised her anything. Keesha says she doesn’t have a deal but she knows he won’t vote her out. Renny says he wouldn’t take her to the end because he would lose against her. Renny thinks he is a threat and he will use them. She says he’s the “male April, except quiet.” Keesha is concerned Renny will nominate him.

Renny has her HOH room reveal. She cries when she sees her mother’s picture. The HG were a bit taken aback by the serious side of Renny. She reads her letter and they all share a sentimental moment. Then it switches the HG playing around with “Holly” April’s stuffed poodle. They keep throwing it around, kicking it, and tossing it in the pool. April tries to salvage the poor dog later on.

April and Ollie share some lovey dovey moments on the bed. Ollie asks her if she thinks of him as a friend and if she’s ever been in love. They agree they will continue to be friends for life. April says he is one of her best friends. Ollie asks if it is bad to be sexually attracted to your best friend, and she says no. Ollie says what they have is way beyond a showmance.

Renny and Michelle talk in the HOH room. Renny says she likes her even though she’s a good competitor. Michelle says she would swear on the Bible and her parents that she wouldn’t put up Renny if she won HOH. Renny tells the DR that she was just trying to gain her trust by asking her those questions. She tells Michelle that April has a target on her back and that she also knows what’s going on with Keesha and “the guys.”Renny admits that it’s time to start getting mean, and Michelle says she respects her for that.

Food Competition

The houseguests are divided between red and blue teams. They go outside and they see a bunch of silver food platters. They realize it is Big Brother’s version of Rock, Paper, Scissors in the form of a gross food competition. They have to eat either crickets, pig ears, or slop. There are two players at a time and you have to write on a board which one you are willing to eat, then you compare and see which one beats the other. Dan goes up against Memphis and has to eat crickets. He starts eating and says they taste like BBQ chicken. He eats four at a time and eats the entire plate, earning one point for the red team. Michelle outsmarts Ollie and has to eat an entire plate of crickets. She eats them in record time and wins another point for the red team. Jerry goes up against April and has to eat a giant bowl of warm slop. He almost throws up, but finishes it at the last minute. The blue team has one point now. Dan goes against Memphis again and Memphis has to eat pig ears. He starts choking and finally washes it down. There is now a tie. Michelle goes against Ollie again and she has to eat pig ears. She eats them no problem and states she has done that several times before. That takes the red team one point ahead. April goes against Jerry again. April has to eat pig ears and states she hasn’t eaten meat since she was fourteen. Jerry was praying she couldn’t do it because he has been on slop for three weeks and can’t take it anymore. She finishes the ears and the red team wins! This means Jerry, Ollie, and Memphis are on slop for the week. However, America voted to give them one more food item = lollipops.

Dan comes up to talk to Renny in HOH. He asks her if he is in danger. She says she might put him up as a pawn, and he says that is scary. He says he is surprised because if he nominates her he can’t vote for whoever she wants to evict. Renny is scared of nominating too many people from the Jerry / April/ Ollie alliance. Memphis walks in and she asks him the same thing about being a pawn. He says he isn’t ok with that. Dan and him say that is the biggest mistake you can make in BB. Memphis tells her that Jerry won’t come after her if she nominates him because he’s coming after him and Dan. Then Keesha and Michelle come in and Renny asks them the same thing. They think she is joking about putting them up as a pawn. Renny asks what is going on with Ollie. They all say that nobody knows where he stands except with April.

Olliecomes in, and Renny asks where he stands. The rest of them leave. He asks if he is going up against April. Renny asks how it would be for him if April left, and Ollie says he’s here to play the game. She tells him that April is a target and Ollie asks if she’s sure that everyone will vote the way she wants. He tells her to do what is best for her, but tries to convince her tonominate out Jerry. Ollieasks if he isn’t a target, why put him up.

All the HG are concerned about Renny putting them up as a pawn. They all think Renny is a loose cannon and have no clue what she will do. April expects to be put up but says it’s hard to swallow since she’s “such a nice person.”Renny hopes her nominations will shake up the house.

Nomination Ceremony

Renny pulls out Dan’s key first. Dan pulls out Keesha’s. Keesha pulls out Ollie’s. Ollie pulls out Memphis’. Memphis pulls out Michelle’s. That means that April and Jerry are nominated. Renny says that April was nominated because she is a tough cookie and a threat. She says she put Jerry on the block on day one and she is returning the favor. Keesha is upset she didn’t nominate Ollie and April. April is pleased that she isn’t up against Ollie, and she wants to try to get him to blow up. Find out who wins POV this Tuesday!

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