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BB10 Spoiler: “I was only nominated because I’m too good.”

August 17, 2008 11:08 AM by Britteny Elrick

There’s alot of scenarios being throw around in the Big Brother house. Will the POV be used, and if so who will be the new nominee?

The houseguests are shocked that their dining table has now been swapped for a little one.

Keesha is working on evicting Jerry after April leaves because then Ollie will align with her and Memphis. They worry about him possibly aligning with Renny and Michelle so that’s why he has to go [but Keesha is closer to Renny than Michelle?]. Memphis warns Keesha from telling Michelle about their plans because he thinks Michelle will try to break up their alliance [he's obviously trying to cover up his alliance with Michelle too].

Memphis tells Michelle that he will nominate Jerry and Ollie if he wins and reiterates that he doesn’t trust Dan. They apparently still have a secret alliance and are covering it up by saying they were both just friends with Jesse. They think Renny is about to go nuts and do something crazy. Dan and Memphis talk and agree that they want Keesha to win HOH. They say once Jerry and Ollie are out of the competition they will throw it again.

Renny catches on to the Memphis and Michelle alliance and tells Keesha she doesn’t trust him. Keesha tells her that Michelle denied having any alliances but as soon as they were done talking she ran to Memphis. Renny says Michelle is about to go nuts and do something crazy [hah!] They start talking about backdooring Michelle. They wonder if April will bribe Dan for his POV. Renny thinks she can trust Dan, but after talking to him she is suspicious as to why he asked her who she would put up if he vetoed Jerry.

April ispositive she was nominated because she is such a fierce competitor. She cannot imagine any other reason for her to be on the block. She cries for awhile. Her and Ollie agree that Michelle and Dan owe it to them to vote Jerry out. Ollie talks about how he will definately be in the top three or four because no one is threatened by him. April thinks Michelle is a whore, but she still acts like they are best buds.

On a hilarious note, Jerry has been on slop for all but twelve days.

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