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NBC’s America’s Toughest Jobs: Best In Blue Collar Television

August 17, 2008 02:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

Thom Beers, Reality TV producer, is promising viewers that his new reality series America’s Toughest Jobs will be the best he has to offer.

“It’s not about all white collar stuff anymore. Get in, get dirty,” he was quoted as saying. “I think that’s what we are offering in this show,” he also stated.

America’s Toughest jobs will follow contestants from across the country, who will be put to work in the most demanding workplaces, such as logging, oil drilling, icy road driving, and extreme fishing.

The participants are expected to live up to the same standards as professionals and at the end of each job, their boss and co-workerswill determine if it was a success or failure and those who are unable to get the job done will be eliminated from the competition.

Thom Beers explained, “In every show we brought on professionals that actually do this for a living. It was if you were a first day employee. These are the people that do it day in and day out. They’ll teach the job for you and they’ll judge by your performance. You’ll be judged by your own personal performance,” said Beers.
“So it was great because it took us out of the mix, “the producers” and allowed real bosses to make decisions on who was good and who was bad.”

The host of this new series, Josh Temple told reporters the bosses and co-workershe met on the show embodied “the passion that these jobs come with.”

“These bosses are the guys that do this for 40 yearswith pride in their work, and if you ask any of them, none of them will say that strength is the most important thing to succeed in their job. It’s heart,” he explained.

He also stated, “They all said that. And you could see it. They could train anyone and that’s the point. They could train anyone; even a green horn, but you got to have heart. And watching it, I totally believe it now.”

NBC’s Toughest Jobs will premiere on Monday, August 25, at 9 PM ET.

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