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BB10 Spoiler: POV Ceremony is Over!

August 18, 2008 06:59 PM by Britteny Elrick

Another scandalous day in the Big Brotherhouse… find out if the POV was used to save either April or Jerry from eviction!

The houseguests start thinking they are missing things and assume that Dan is stealing them because he is AP. Michelle, April, and Ollie are sure that he is. Ollie tries to convince Michelle that she will be safer if April stays in the house rather than Jerry, and she says she realizes that. They are concerned as to what Dan will do if he wins HOH since nobody knows what his deal is. Michelle asks April why she doesn’t offer money to Dan in exchange for the POV, but she says she has no money left. Michelle leaves to go shave her stomach [?]

April tries to coherse Dan into giving her his vote. She says that she already has Memphis’ vote and offers him safety in the following weeks if Ollie or Michelle win HOH. She tells him she doesn’t deserve to be on the block. He asks her who she would nominate next week and she says probably Memphis.

Keesha is talking with Dan and Memphis about operation get Jerry out of the house. Memphis mentions that Renny made a deal with him this week and Keesha seems surprised. They think if Ollie wins next week they can try to convince him to nominate Jerry and Michelle. Later on, Keesha tells Renny that they need to nominate Michelle and Memphis.

Jerry apologizes to Dan for all the rude things he said. He tells him that he was very upset and hurt by him. Dan didn’t understand. Jerry says he thinks Michelle will vote him out this week, but he will still be safe. Keesha promised him she wouldn’t vote him out if he promised not to nominate her.

Ollie tries to get Dan to use POV. Dan tells him he would need something “tangible” [money] in order to make that decision. Dan is scared Ollie will retaliate on him next week, and Ollie says if he uses the POV he won’t have to worry about it. Ollie promises Dan and Michelle that he wouldn’t put him up.

Dan talks to Memphis about possibly using the POV. Dan says April offered him 5k and he has a big decision to make. Memphis discourages him from using it and says he will turn Renny and Keesha against him. They talk about the final four and say that they wouldn’t take Michelle, but Renny and Keesha.

Michelle talks to Renny and tells her that she thinks Dan and Memphis have a deal with Jerry. Michelle wants April out. As soon as Michelle leaves, Renny says that she thinks she is with April, Ollie, and Memphis.

POV Ceremony: It was not used!

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