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High School Musical Get In The Picture: Roll With The Punches

August 18, 2008 07:46 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on High School Musical: Get In The Picture, the kids learned to roll with the punches and performed as a group for the very first time.

Host Nick Lachey, met the kids tonight in homeroom and explained that during performances a lot of things can go wrong and today they would learn to “roll with the punches.”

He sent Anthony, Ether, Briana and Christi off to their chorus practice with Montre Burton and took the remaining kids to their first challenge.

Regina Williams met the kids in the campus gymnasium and Nick told them that they were going to be throwing Kareoke punches at the kids to see how they would roll with them. The song chosen for the exercise was, “Getcha’ Head In The Game.” Each of the kids were going to perform the song in a combination of English, Spanish, Turkish and Hindi.

Nick brought in famous singers from each country, who would be giving the kids a crash course in International languages.


Bahad Ahmad (acclaimed Pakistani pop singer) showed the kids how to sing the song in Hindi and Bailey didn’t think that she would ever be able to sing the way he did.

Next, Kenan Dogula (11 top selling albums in Turkey) strutted his stuff and Isaiah wasn’t very happy as he was never good at languages and wasn’t thrilled with trying it now.

Last up was Berto Ornelas (member of a Mexican Super group) sang the song in Spanish and really got the kids pumped up. James was excited and thought that it was eye opening to see how big of a range there is in a song.


The challenge for the kids would be to sing the song and watch the kareoke machine. What ever language popped up, they would be expected to sing it. They would have to roll with the punches!

Bailey was up first for the challenge and although she appeared nervous, she really gave it her best shot. As each performer went up, the ice began to break even more and the kids really got into it and enjoyed themselves.

At the chorus practice the group was learning acting techniques from Montre Burton. Anthony was happy to be in the chorus getting all of the training as he never would have been able to pay for it back home.

Later, in the common room Shayna told Isaiah that she was an accomplished musician and felt that she shouldn’t be compared to Anthony who is just beginning. Briana stirred the pot and told the group that she thought that Shayna was fake. The tension built up between Shayna and Anthony and they had an altercation. The rest of the group tried to give them their privacy, but things didn’t seem to get resolved between them. Many of the kids thought that there was too much drama going on.

The remaining contestants got together to perform their group songs for the faculty. The faculty asked the kids to roll between two scenes; one comedy and one drama and deal with the challenges that arise from working with such a big group. The two songs that they had to perform were, “Welcome To My Life” and “It’s All Been Done.”

Jennifer Malenke thought that TJ connected by using what he knew and brought it to the stage.

Tiana Brown thought that Bailey had a great voice, but wasn’t committed to her character, wheras Isaiah and Christina were consistent the whole time with their performances.

Chris Prinzo thought that it was great seeing the eight kids working together as an ensemble. He thought that they had a great time and he felt that as an audience member.

Regina Williams thought that Stan should have brought more to his performance as a leading man and didn’t stand up to the challenge. She thought that TJ and Tierney were much stronger.

Montre Williams commented that he loved James, but sometimes as a performer he looked possessed and that he needs to be more aware of how he comes across on stage. He felt that Shayna let him down a little bit with the performance and was holding back.

Nick Lachey met up with the kids and told Tierney that she was the star performer of the evening and she then read out the names of the kids who would go on in the performance.

Tierney, Christina, Isaiah,TJ, Stan, and James will be going on, while Shayna and Bailey will be moving on to the chorus.

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Photo Courtesy: ABC

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