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The Donald Will Be A Grandpa Again!

August 18, 2008 05:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Junior who guest stars with his dad on The Apprentice, is expecting his second child with wife Vanessa.

Vanessa has confirmed that she is almost four months pregnant and is due in February 2009. Their first daughter, Kai Madisonwas born in May of 2007.

Vanessa and Donald Jr. are very excited and told the family last Monday because she couldn’t hide the baby bump any longer. She commented, “I’m feeling very tired, the first time around I could put up my feet and relax. This time I have a baby to run after and carry.”

When asked how Kai was accepting the news, Vannessa toldPeople magazinethat when she points to her belly and tells Kai there is a baby in her belly,Kai will point to her own belly button and say the same thing!

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Photo Credit: dailylife.com

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