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BB10: Dan Wins POV, Nominations Remain the Same

August 19, 2008 06:57 PM by Britteny Elrick

Alliances are shifting by the day in the Big Brotherhouse. Dan wins the power of vetobut after much consideration decides not to use it, since he was unsure who Renny would choose as the replacement nominee.

After nominations, Jerry hugs Renny and tells her “Big boys don’t cry.” Jerry is in complete survival mode now, and Renny lets him know he’s not the target. April takes the nomination seriously and cries in the DR. Ollie feels happy that Renny nominated Jerry over him so that April will have a better chance. The rest of the houseguests are confused as to why Ollie didn’t get nominated. Dan and Memphis are very suspicious of Renny now. They keep talking about the importance of winning the POV.

April has a heart to heart with Ollie and he tells her that the game has begun. April says she needs to look vulnerable. Ollie tells her to play her game and she said she needs his support. Keesha comes in the HOH and talks with Renny. Renny says she isn’t sorry for what she did and she says she likes Ollie. Keesha doesn’t understand her thought process and is scared that Renny would put her up instead of Ollie.

Jerry says he needs to get up and do something because he just lays in bed all dayand talks to himself. Ollie thinks he might be losing his mind.Jerry goes on and on about how much he misses his family.

POV competition: Renny, April, Jerry, Dan, Ollie, and Keesha are chosen with Michelle as the host. April and Ollie think they have it in the bag now. They hope it’s a physical competition. Dan, Keesha, and Memphis talk in the 60′s room and say it’s the worse case scenario if Ollie wins. Keesha tells them what Renny said about Ollie. They all think she is a loose cannon and are very concerned about going up as pawns.

TheHG walk outside tofind the entire backyardhaunted. There are boxes of different thingsandthey have fiveminutes to study them.Each turn, they can either stay or fold with their answers depending on how confident they are -it is a game of number estimation. The first question is to estimate how long the snake is in inches… The HG all write down their answers on chalkboards and then decide if they want to stay or fold. Jerry wins the first point and Renny is eliminated. Next question, they had to estimate how many pins were stuck in eight different voodoo dolls. Jerry, Keesha, and April stayed and Jerry was closest again, which meant he had two points. He only needed one more point to win the POV. The next question was to guess how many cockroaches were in a box that they previously had the option of putting their hand in. Dan is feeling the pressure because if Jerry wins he will probably go up. Jerry folds [but would have won] and leaves Dan to win. The next question was to guess how many ounces of blood were in the punch bowl. It’s down to Dan, Jerry, Ollie, and Keesha. Dan senses that Ollie and Jerry will fold so he stays – he is the only one who stays so he wins the round. The next task was to estimate how many nails were on the casket lid. Jerry stays, Ollie stays, and Dan stays. Dan WINS!

April, and Ollie are talking. April talks about bribing Dan with her gold bars. They talk about making promises as well and think that it should be no problem.

Dan is very upset that Renny didn’t nominate Ollie and is considering taking Jerry off the block. Jerry and Dan talk. Dan is skeptical because he knows Jerry hates him. Jerry talks about how he was nasty to Dan last week and he wants to take his “Judas comment” off the table. He says his loyalty will be to those who help him stay this week. Jerry says he hopes he can count on Dan and Memphis.

Memphis and Dan talk about who is worst to have in the house: Ollie or Jerry. They think Ollie will go after all of them next week and they want to get him out. Dan says the fourteenth houseguest is his hair andbegs Renny for a haircut. She comes at him with the clippers and he asks if they can talk about it first. She tells him he has to trust her. All the HG join them in the bathroom. Dan says, “it’s all fun and games til someone comes out of here with a patchy haircut.”

The HG come inside to find that their table has shrunk. They start freaking out a bit about the game nearing the end. April talks to Dan by the pool and he says he’s open to suggestions. April says she doesn’t understand why she’s being targeted when Jerry keeps winning. April gives him herword that they won’t nominate him and says she could offer him some cash. She says that Renny did it on her own and asks him to think about anything that she could give him to change his mind.

Dan talks to Memphis and they decide he needs to get some imformation out of Renny before using the POV. They talk in the HOH. Dan tells her that he doesn’t want to disrupt her plans. He asks her if she made a deal with Ollie, she denies it. She tells him that she likes Ollie and doesn’t like Jerry. Dan asks who she would replace Jerry with and she says she would have to think about it. She says she would think of him as a traitor. Dan tells her this is a big week and you have to decide who you will trust. Renny says, “I trust you to keep it the same.”

April realizes that if Dan uses the POV then Ollie will be nominated and she will go home. Jerry thinks he will use it on him.

POV Ceremony:

Jerry says he doesn’t sugar coat things and he is set in his ways. He apologizes in front of everyone about calling him Judas and congratulates him.

April says congratulations and that she honors Renny wishes. She says she doesn’t expect him to use it on her, but she would be happy if he did.

Dan decides not use it.

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