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BB10 Spoiler: Not-So-Secret-Anymore Alliances?

August 19, 2008 05:04 PM by Britteny Elrick

The Big Brotherhouseguests aren’t as sneaky as they think they might be… is anyone able to rely on their alliance anymore?

Michelle and Memphis are worried that people are catching on to them since she keeps getting asked questions. They wonder who Keesha would nominate if she wins HOH and they think Jerry and Ollie [who she said yesterday she would never nominate]. They think Jerry is a suck up, and wonder who they should bring into their final four [although Memphis told Dan he wouldn't even take Michelle].

Renny talks to Michelle in HOH and says she thinks the guys are in an alliance. They discuss how April lied to them about offering Dan the money. Keesha comes in. Renny asks them what they think will happen to Ollie in the rest of the game, and they have no idea. They talk about bringing him in. She is concerned about there being too many guys left. However, since none of the guys have won HOH yet, she thinks they can just keep winning and take them out [of course, they haven't been trying]. They all bash Jerry for a while. Michelle tries to convince them to vote out Jerry, but they aren’t having it.

Memphis is talking to Dan and Keesha outside and says he is bothered that Ollie is just floating through the game on April’s coat tails and he is like the only one who hasn’t been nominated. He says he will be very upset if Ollie makes it to the final four. He says they need to keep Michelle close to them and make her think no one is going after her. Dan says if Jerry wins HOH they are in trouble.

April goes on and on about how she isn’t high maintenance and doesn’t care about money. They keep asking each other all kinds of random questions. Jerry interrupts of course and they start talking about Memphis and all the others being flip-floppers. Jerry gets pretty riled up [shocker!] They all agree that if they had it to do over again, they would still have participated in BB. April lies again and says she didn’t offer Dan any bribe money. Jerry tells them that Renny said Michelle wouldn’t vote against her, Keesha, Memphis, or Dan. Ollie is shocked. Ollie starts saying how he’s not ready for April to leave and how much he will miss her. April tells Ollie she isn’t going to be mean to Jerry anymore and feels bad he is being ostracized.

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