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BB10 Spoiler: Ollie the Sole Survivor?

August 20, 2008 07:02 PM by Britteny Elrick

Tomorrow night, Ollie just mightbe the sole survivor of this year’s shomance, of course,you never know how things will turn outin the Big Brotherhouse…

April wants to tell Memphis about how Jerry was mentioning that he wanted to get him out. She also plans to talk to Jerry and try to get ammunition that she could use against him. She tells Ollie to be careful because people think they are aligned with Jerry and nobody likes him. She still thinks Keesha is a bey-otch.

April goes and talks to Memphis about Renny. He says he doesn’t know what is up with her but he had hoped they could go to the finals together with Keesha and Dan. He sticks by the fact that he won’t vote out Michelle. They think that if Keesha wins HOH she will put up him and Michelle. Meanwhile, Keesha and Renny are going around to everyone in the house telling them that Jerry lied when he said they told him he was safe… [but they did?]

Renny talks with Michelle. Michelle tells her that Jerry is telling everyone he is safe, and Renny says she never said that. Renny doesn’t understand that if he thinks he is safe why he would bribe Dan with money for the POV [but he didn't, April did.] They want him out. Michelle says she went against what people wanted when she was HOH. She said people wanted her to nominate Renny or Memphis. Renny says she never wanted to nominate Michelle, but Michelle thinks she would have been the POV replacement. Michelle feels like an outsider. BB tells them not to talk about their DR sessions and Renny tells them to suck a pineapple.

Michelle tells April and Ollie about her talk with Renny and they try to figure out one more vote for April. Michelle goes to Dan and asks if he would vote for Jerry to leave. He doesn’t give her an answer.

April tells Ollie it is okay to disown her when she leaves so that he can further himself in the game, but he says he won’t [we'll see.] Ollie says he will move to where April is when they get out of the house. April says they should get him a six month lease in case they break up. She is also apprehensive about what his parents will think, but Ollie says they are already living together so what’s the problem. She says she has her own life and doesn’t want to live with anyone. Ollie is very hurt and thinks that April’s feelings aren’t as strong as his. He says if he can’t move in together, he won’t move there. Jerry comes in and tells them that Memphis and Michelle are together. April tells Ollie to get on Memphis’ good side, but Ollie says he wants him out so that will be hard.

Memphis turns Keesha’s waterbed up to 100 degrees.

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