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Project Runway Lets The Drag Queens Rule The Day

August 20, 2008 07:52 PM by DA Southern


With names like Miss Understood, Sharon Needles, Sherry Wine and Hedda Lettuce courtesy of Season 4 flamboyant contestant, Chris March, we knew that this episode of Project Runway was going to be one of the most over-the-top episodes to date as the designers had Drag Queens to design for. Only on Project Runway can we have so much fun. Seriously!

As we had a quick recap of the Brooke Shields episode and saw Kelli hit the bricks, we saw the designers preparing for the new day on the Runway lamenting how Daniel keeps skirting the judge’s wrath. Heidi was quick in to introduce the crazy designer from Season 4, Chris March who introduced the Drag Queen challenge. Chris told the designers to be as over-the-top as possible and the designers went about picking their Queens.


Tim informed the designers that they would have thirty minutes to confer with their clients and had a budget of two-hundred dollars and they had two days to complete the outfits. The designers headed out to the fabric shop and the brightest fabrics and accessories ever picked by designers were packed into the bags of the designers. Tim informed everyone that the winner of this challenge would have immunity and Keith, who won the last challenge but did not get immunity set his sites on winning, which is tough to do in PR as seldom does a designer win back-to-back.

Many of the designers were distressed as to having to use men’s manikins because many of the Queens were “Full-sized.” Blayne’s word of the week was any word he said and then added a “Licious” to the end, even finishing with “Blayne-licious,” which had many of the designers fed up with him by mid-day on Day 1. Looks like there could be Trouble-licious on the horizon for Blayne!


Jerell was confident that his design was a winner and Suede was inspired by a garden for his design. Keith, in his typical mild-manner persona, was extolling the virtues of his fringe design and several other of the designers though it was way too safe and not at all “Drag -Queenish,” whatever that means.

Tim was in to announce a fitting session with the Queens and extolled the designers to “Make it Work.” The designer’s first opportunity to see the guys without all of the makeup had them stunned to see how “Normal” they looked and many of them even commented to that as they explained their designs to the Queens. Joe’s design was very “Elvis-y” and knew that he might be in trouble and Jerell was struggling with the collar design for his queen while Korto was secure in her design as she stated that she done many designs for full size women in her career.


With six hours left to go in Day 1, Chris and Tim were in to check on the progress of the designs. Chris and Tim loved the design by Korto and thought that Blayne’s design looked like “A terradactyl at a Gay Jurassic Park,” which had me rolling on the floor. That Tim is a killer with the quips. But Blayne thought it a compliment and sad that his outfit was going to be “Drag-licious.” OK,insert your own joke here.

Joe modified his outfit a bit and had Chris and Tim loving it and Suede’s design was met with some interest from Chris and Tim and Keith had a lot of work to do if he thought he would pull off another win. Finally, Tim and Chris were a bit concerned with Daniel’s classic style that had no exuberance and wondered if he would lose his sense of style to create a fun design.

The Day of Runway Show had the designers wondering if their hard work would pay off as they tried to pull their designs together. Tim was in to say the models were on their way in and the designers were busy selling their final designs to the Queens. Suede was still lamenting over Hedda Lettuce’s comments of him being “Lazy” from the day before and he confronted her to “Get on board.” As the designers finished their designs, we got a sense that this show would not be the norm for the PR judges.


Heidi greeted the designers again to reiterate the challenge and introduced the judges, Kors, Garcia and guest judge, Rupaul, the original big-name Drag Queen. Kenley’s design for Farrah Moans was first, followed by Blayne’s for Miss Understood, Joe’s design for Varla Jean Merman, Stella’s for Luisa Verde, Suede’s design for Hedda Lettuce, Daniel’s design for Annida Greenkard, Terri’s design for Acid Betty, Jerell’s design for LeMay, Korto’s bright red design for Sweetie, Keith’s rather sophisticated design for Sherry Vine and finally Leanne’s design for Sharon Needles.

Heidi announced the scoring complete and called Blayne, Kenley, Suede, Stella, Leanne to step forward and told them they had made it through to the next round. We were left with Keith, Terri, Korto, Joe, Jerell and Daniel, who once again found himself in the bottom-tier of designers. The judges loved Terri’s design; no-so-much love for Keith; loved Joe’s design; not-so-much for Jerell; loved Korto’s design; hated Daniel’s design saying that it was not full of enough drama, which had Daniel pissy with the judges at the end.

Joe winner of the challenge

In the judge’s confab, they loved Terri, Joe and Korto and did not love Keith, Jerell and Daniel’s designs and it looked as if Daniel’s days were numbered. When the designers were called out, Heidi said that Terri was “Een” and that Joe was the winner of the challenge with his Ann Margret-inspired design and had immunity in the next challenge. Korto was said to be safe, as was Jerell, leaving Daniel and Keith to sweat it out.


Heidi proclaimed Daniel “Auwt” and he was sad to be leaving because he said that he had so much class and was so talented. Well, now that we know that, we will miss him, I guess. So I guess when we have a final winner, it will actually be the second-best designer this season.

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