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Soccer Meets Reality TV!

August 20, 2008 11:00 AM by Paulene Hinds

There’s a new reality show in the mix for Network Television and some major Hollywood names have their hats on the “pitch.”

Who better to produce such a series than a soccer mom who fell in love with the game while escorting her two kids tothem. Conroy Kanter’s passion has led her to become the Producer of a major Soccer Reality TV series that is now being assembled and will air sometime next year.

Partnering up with Kanter on the project are the likes of Larry King, Sir Elton John, Oscar De La Hoya and Mario Lopez who will all be celebrity hosts for the series.

Larry King is also one of the producers for the show as well as George Schlattler who created the reality show, “Real People” and the iconic “Laugh In!” series.

One of the main creative advisors is Dan Tana, whose self-named Hollywood restaurant remains one of the ultimate showbiz hangouts. Dan was one of the founders of AYSO in the 1960′s, and is currently a co-owner of Red Star Belgrade as well as the FIFA representative for the nation of Serbia.

Today,soccer is the most watched and played sport in the world and enjoyed by 8 million people. This past World cup, that took place in the United States was watched by an estimated 33 million people around the world for almost 27 days.

This makes soccer, the most watched single sports event in the world not surpassed even by the Olympics. This sport is bigger than baseball, football and basketball combined.

With those kind of stats, it stands to reasonthat this new series will be a hit with viewers!

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Photo Credit: Julie Vanderlip (Darlington Soccer Club In Scotland)

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