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BB10: April Is Evicted!

August 21, 2008 06:02 PM by Britteny Elrick

It’s day 45 inside the Big Brother house, and Julie Chen joins us for the live eviction of what will be the secondhouseguest to join the jury house.

Dan admits that he tried to cause chaos inside the house by not disclosing who offered him the money for the POV. April is upset because she says she never offered him a specific amount. All the houseguests are trying to find out who made the offer. Michelle talks to Renny and Keesha and they send her on a mission to find out. Michelle confronts Dan and he says he will not disclose the information. Michelle, Keesha and Memphis are talking and Michelle thinks it was Jerry because of April’s face during the ceremony. Michelle wants Jerry out.

Memphis, Dan, and Keesha are outside and Keesha says there is no way she will change her vote. They all agree they would be idiots not to vote April out. Memphis says everyone needs to stop assuming and just believe the facts.

April and Ollie are outside talking. Ollie says it is the most painful week for him and April says there is no reason why she’s been on the block. She says all she’s done is “make cakes and do dishes and give people stuff.” April knows that Keesha will not vote for her so she is going to try to swing the others. They think Dan owes her his vote after what Jerry said about him. Ollie goes to talk to Michelle. He asks her if the others want to get Jerry out. He tells her the best scenario for her is to have April stay because they wouldn’t put her up. They say Dan is the wild card. Michelle says she will try to persuade them.

Dan and Ollie talk. Ollie says they don’t have anything against him and he’s never been a target. Dan says he doesn’t know how he will vote. Dan says he knows Jerry would come after him if he stays. Ollie says it is the best move for him to keep her in because theywon’t put him up. Dan says he doesn’t want him to be mad at him if it doesn’t work out.

April takes Dan aside and she asks if Jerry offered him money. April says she can give him money for his vote and guaranteed safety from her and Ollie. Dan doesn’t understand why he’s always the swing vote.

Julie shows clips of April and Ollie talking about their relationship. April wonders what they will think about them living together.April tells him thathe will find girls like her everywhere if he moves to Phoenix.They show a clip of Ollie’s dad preaching in church. His dad says Ollie’s upbringing is what has made Ollie what he is. He says Ollie has never had a long term relationship. Her twin sister talks about their relationship and says she thinks Ollie is alot like her and that’s why she is drawn to him. Ollie’s dad says if this is real then he should go for it. Her sister says that she is a bit concerned about the pace of their showmance.

Julie asks Ollie about the past week. She shows clips of the blackbirds freaking him out. He says he has had an issue with birds since watching the Hitchcock movie. She asks Dan about winning his first competition. He says it’s no secret he has not been very good at this game. She asks Renny about her emotions when she saw her parents’ pictures. Renny tears up a little and talks about how wonderful they were. Then it comes to Jerry. Julie asks how he’s doing considering he’s been on slop more than half the time. He says he fries it and that’s how he gets by. She asks Memphis if he could bring one HG back inside who would it be? He says, Bryan.

Then Julie has her private talk with HOH Renny. She asks if Renny thinks she has been underestimated and Renny says she hopes so. Renny says what you see is for real. Julie asks her why she doesn’t trust Memphis, and Renny says she thinks he has the game won already. She thinks he is shrewd and wants him to go.

Final Speeches: April gives her final speech and says that she wants people to vote for themselves. She says if she goes then she wishes them the best of luck and no worries. Jerry says that other than the slop, it has been a very special time. He says if he goes to the jury house he will not take any “sour grapes” with him. He says his word is his word and congratulations to everyone else.

Keesha is the first one to cast her vote: April. Next, is Memphis. He votes to evict April. Ollie is the third to cast his vote and he votes to evict Jerry. Dan votes to evict “Je….April.” [hah] Michelle says she sadly votes to evict April. Julie announces by a vote of 4-1, April is evicted. Ollie walks around looking frustrated, sad, and stunned.

Julie interviews April. She asks her why there was so much conflict with Keesha. April says she has nothing bad to say about her. She trusted her and she turned on her. April still doesn’t understand why the house turned. Julie asks about Ollie and says they isolated eachother. April says she thinks it was best to have Ollie in the house for sanity. Julie asks if she knew that Ollie would lead to her eviction if she would have still hooked up with him, and shesays absolutely. She tells her Ollie is moving to Phoenix, but he will have his own place.

Dan says her relationship made her a target, and it wasn’t personal. Renny tells her she’s amazing, vivacious, intelligent, and competitive. Keesha says it has been a rocky relationship and they can’t meet at middle ground. Ollie says he never expected her and he promises she will be his main motivation. He asks if she will be his first real girlfriend… she says yes.

HOH competition

The HG are all sitting on a small chair and hanging on to a jungle vine. It starts pouring down rain. All the sudden the vines lift them high up in the air. Then there are a bunch of wild animal noises… and the vines start swinging and throwing them against the walls…. Tune in this Sunday to find out who wins the next Head of Household!

Julie announces that next Thursday will be a live DOUBLE EVICTION night!

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