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BB10 Spoiler: Ollie Pops the Question!

August 21, 2008 05:00 PM by Britteny Elrick

For the lovebirds, things are looking pretty gloomyin the Big Brotherhouse… does Aprilstand any chance of survival?

Keesha is freakin’ because she knows that Ollie will try to avenge April by getting her out. She talks to Dan and Memphis about how they have to target Ollie. They are worried about HOH and think it’s going to be a tough one. Ollie asked both Keesha and Dan questions about one another to try to figure out if they were aligned.

Ollie tells Jerry that the rest of the house doesn’t think he can win anything. They agree they should keep any cash or prizes that come their way because it’s getting down to the wire and everyone can’t win. Renny offers them her HOH room for the night [April and Ollie] and they don’t take it.

Ollie is a big boy now and he popsthe question! [well, the biggest one he's ever popped] He officially asks April to be his first real girlfriend. She thinks he is joking at first, but then says yes. He said he wanted to put it on her goodbye message and she tells him that is fine. Later on, he zips her up in her suitcase and wheels her around the house.

Michelle talks to April and Ollie and makes her pact with Ollie to stay together after April leaves. Michelle tells Memphis that Jerry said if he stays in the house he will nominate them. April tells Ollie that Michelle won’t vote him out because of all the stuff April has given to her.

Ollie talks to Keesha about Michelle and how she is playing both sides. He says everyone needs to come together and get her out. Keesha says she thought he was close with Michelle, and Ollie says that he knows she is playing him and April to got votes in the jury. Ollie asks her if Dan and Memphis are together but she doesn’t know.

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