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BB10 Spoiler: Who’s the King of the Jungle?

August 22, 2008 04:23 PM by Britteny Elrick

When Big Brotherended on Thursday night, all the houseguests were hanging onto vines in the backyard, swinging back and forth, while rain poured on them… whichcontestant persevered to hold the fate of thehouse in their hands?

Well… not Jerry. He was the first to go. Then Keesha, followed by Michelle, Memphis, and finally Ollie. Which means, DAN WON HOH!! I must say he deserved it, since he was the only one smart enough to wear gloves and a rain jacket! [haven't they figured out by now that there will always be freezing rain bestowed upon them at some point?] BB had to call in some doctors for Memphis because he was shaking uncontrollably.

Dan promises Ollie he will keep him and Michelle safe if he lets him win. Ollie immediately goes and tells Michelle. However, later on when Dan asks Ollie if he told Michelle yet, Ollie lies and says no. Dan says, “Don’t tell her anything.” [?] Dan spills the beans to Memphis and tells him that he mad a bad deal and they need to find someone else to vote with them.

Keesha is worried that Dan won’t confide in her. She tells Renny about Dan and Ollie’s deal, and apparently Dan also said Ollie could pick the POV replacement nominee! Memphis says that is stupid… He asks Michelle and she acts like she has no clue what is going on. Memphis says he heard Ollie offer him up as a nominee to Dan and Michelle pretends she didn’t hear about it.

HOH reveal. Dan cries reading his letter and gets a “taken” t-shirt from his girlfriend. When everyone leaves, Dan turns the spy screen on and says, “Let’s do this like Judas!” The houseguests realize that next week is double eviction.

Ollie confirms his deal with Dan and then reiterates with Michelle that everything is cool. He tells her to act surprised when not nominated. Ollie thinks Dan is a fake player put there by CBS. Ollie thinks there is no other explanation as to why Dan would bring a raincoat to CA. .. [um, OR perhaps he's seen any other past season of BB and realized that they always make it rain during endurance competitions...?] He thinks the reason why he hasn’t won HOH is so that people wouldn’t recognize his girlfriend. They don’t think he’s a teacher or a coach and they think Monica is going to join the game…? [ok, seriously guys...]

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