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Highway 18 Episode Four Recap: Crain and King Receive First Strike

August 22, 2008 05:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

Andy Crain and Parker King fell behind this past Tuesday on Highway 18, making them the third team to move one step closer to elimination.

Highway 18 is a double elimination series, with teams finishing last in two episodes going home. Crain and King join Raul Cendoya and Jameica Duncombe (South Florida) and Ashleigh Korzack and Ashley Davis (Toronto, Ont.) all with one strike.

Tuesday’s episode began with the “ultimate bunker challenge” at the world’s most famous beach “Daytona Beach” where teams hit closest-to-the-pin sand shots to determine the order of their departure for the next challenge.

Rob and Charlotte Campbell (Orlando, Fla.) started behind with a five-minute time penalty as a result of finishing last in the previous episode, while Cendoya and Duncombe had the day off via finishing in first and receiving immunity from elimination.

With the teams driving 54 miles to the Orlando Magic practice facility, the “RDV Sportsplex”, near Orlando for the Road Challenge, Team Crain-King and Team Davis-Korzack both made wrong turns, allowing the Campbells to move up the pack. Using hometown knowledge, the Campbells moved into first place when Jay and Peach Reynolds (Austin, Texas) also made a wrong turn off the highway.

At the RDV Sportsplex, each team member had to make a 75-foot putt across the Orlando Magic basketball court into a box with the Magic cheerleaders rooting them on. Crain and King, arriving in third place, fell behind when King accidentally helped Korzack and Davis complete their challenge by hitting his putt into their box.

Thirty-four miles away stood ChampionsGate Golf Club for the Clubhouse Challenge, where a surprise awaited the four teams. Cendoya and Duncombe had pre-selected the holes for each team, and they did so with intent, giving Jay and peach the hardest hole.

Having to make par-or-better in an alternate-shot format, Team Reynolds took the challenge head-on and recorded a birdie, crossing the finish line in first place.

Crain and King caught up to the remaining two teams during the Clubhouse Challenge but it wasn’t enough.

The three remaining teams each completed their challenge in their second attempt. Team Campbell arrived in second place, followed by Davis and Korzack – who injured both quadriceps muscles during the episode – in third. With Crain and King furthest from the clubhouse, they could not make up time and crossed the finish line in last place, receiving their first strike in the series.

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Photo credit: The Golf Channel

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