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BB10 Spoiler: Nominees Have Been Chosen!

August 23, 2008 09:41 PM by Britteny Elrick

As it’s getting down to the last few weeks in the Big Brotherhouse, the HOH position is becoming more and more crutial.With an unlikely contestant in control, what promises will be made and whose lives will be in jeopardy?

Dan asks Ollie who he wants him to nominate and he says Memphis. He also says he wants Michelle safe no matter what. Dan tells him that he hasn’t told anyone what their deal was yet.

Memphis wants to know what the deal was that Dan made with Ollie. Dan tells him he just needs to trust him and not discuss anything with the other HG. Dan keeps telling him he needs to get Renny on his side. They say if Michelle wins HOH they are in big trouble. Memphis tells Keesha that Dan is nominating him and she says he told her the same thing. Dan also said he was going to tear into him during his nomination speech. Memphis thinks that if he is putting up because that is what Ollie wanted, then Ollie may as well have been HOH. He also tells her that Michelle is loyal with Ollie and not with them so he’s going to try to convince Dan to nominate her regardless of the deal.

Dan tells Keesha his plan is to backdoor Michelle but then he would have to go back on his word. She tells him that Renny will vote Memphis out if she has the chance. Renny comes in, and she tells them that she will not trust Memphis or join an alliance with the four of them. Renny asks Dan if he is aligned with Memphis and he says no. Dan tells her to use Memphis if she thinks he is using her and she says no, she wants him out. He asks them who else besides Memphis they could bring into their alliance. He suggests Ollie, they say no.

Dan and Memphis talk again and Dan says that by him nominating Memphis it might cover up their alliance. Memphis thinks he will go home because he’s lost Michelle’s vote and Renny is on her own. Dan mentions that he can convert Renny but Memphis tells him that he will probably lost Keesha by doing that. Dan reassures him that he wouldn’t be nominating him if he wasn’t sure it was going to work. Memphis says that no one has ever put up the other person in a two-person alliance.

Nomination Ceremony – Jerry and Memphis.

Renny asks Dan whether it was Memphis or Jerry that Ollie wanted up. He says he can’t say. She thinks that he wanted Memphis nominated and Michelle safe. Dan tells her she is a smart woman. She thinks he might be lying. Dan asks Renny if the POV was used one Jerry and Michelle were nominated, would she vote her out? She says yes.

Ollie and Michelle plan on using the POV to save Jerry and have Renny nominated as the replacement. Dan is the tiebreaker this week and Ollie says he is going to make him swear on everything he owns to follow the plan or he will kill him. They talk to Jerry and say that they all need to make a deal with Renny in exchange for her going up on the block [since Ollie picks the nominee]. They think it is funny the rest of the HG have no idea that Ollie is controlling the house.

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