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BB10: Dan wins HOH and nominates Jerry and Memphis!

August 24, 2008 06:01 PM by Britteny Elrick

Last Thursdayon Big Brother, the show ended with all of the houseguests hanging from vines in the backyard to determine the next HOH. After almost four hours, Dan may have secured his safety for this week, but will end up costing him his alliance?

The show picks up with the houseguests still swinging from the vines and competing for HOH. Ollie and Michelle know it’s crutial to win HOH for their safety, but also to avenge April. Ollie feels that it is time to take it to the next step in the game. Eventually, the vines started thrusting the houseguests against the wall while freezing rain poured down on them. Dan was wearing gloves and a raincoat.Jerry was the first to fall because he couldn’t feel his legs. The houseguests were also able to grab balloons off the wall and throw them at the other HG. Keesha drops next, then Michelle falls off because her sneaker got caught on the wall. It’s down to Ollie, Dan, and Memphis. Finally Memphis drops and he isn’t doing well. Dan and Ollie start talking. Ollie tells him he won’t go home.

They have been up there for three and a half hours, and Dan says he still feels good because of his raincoat. Ollie keeps shivering. Dan tells Ollie that he’s only up there so he can see Monica. Ollie says he understands, but he loves his “peeps” too. Dan promiseson his girlfriendthat he won’t put Ollie up, not even with the POV. Dan asks him what else he can give him. Ollie says he only wants himself. Dan tells him that he can choose one nominee, and everything else is up to Ollie. Ollie tells him he wants Michelle saved, and Keesha and Renny saw the deal be made – but they still don’t know what it was.

Dan feels confident that this deal is horrible, but will work to his advantage. He tells Memphis that he made a deal and he’ll tell him more later. [he and Memphis have officially named their alliance "the Renegades"]Keesha pulls Memphis in the storage room and tells him that Dan made a deal to protect whoever Ollie wants. Memphis, Keesha, and Renny all talk in the 60′s room. They know he made a deal but they aren’t sure what it is. Memphis says Ollie might as well be HOH. They are a bit concerned. Ollie tells Michelle about the deal and they think he got a steal.

Dan gets to go in his HOH room and receives a “TAKEN” shirt from Monica. He opens his letter from her and reads it. He fake cries a little big, then everyone leaves. They all go downstairs and Renny asks Dan how many people he’s dated. Dan isn’t sure what she’s talking about. Renny gets frustrated that he won’t just answer the question. Dan keeps pushing her buttons… she finally leaves.

Ollie goes up to HOH. Dan goes to the door and hands him a beer to act like they are buddies. Ollie says he assumes Jerry will be nominated. Dan asks him who he wants up and he says Memphis. Ollie tells him that Memphis is too big of a threat to keep in the game. Dan tells the DR it is a huge risk to put up his biggest allie and it could backfire.

Memphis and Dan talk. Memphis asks if Ollie wants him on the block. Dan tells him that he made a deal and gave up alot. Memphis tells him Ollie might as well be HOH. Dan tells him to be cool and trust him. Memphis says Dan doesn’t have anything to do with it. Dan says all he needs is two votes.

Keesha comes up to HOH. Dan asks her what she thinks about solidifying the final four as him, Memphis, Keesha, and Renny. Keesha says Renny is skeptical of Memphis. Renny comes in and Dan proposes the idea of the final four. She immediately says she doesn’t trust Memphis. Dan asks her if she can use him to a certain point and then cut him. Renny says he’s a dog, and Dan is worried about her being a loose canon. The girls believe that Dan will take them to the final three and that they are going to get rid of Memphis eventually.

Memphis tells Dan that hewould never have put him up. Dan says he made a deal, and Memphis tells him that he doesn’t control what happens. Dan keeps telling him to trust him. Memphis is really upset. Dan is thinking over his options in his room. He wonders if he should keep his word or break it.

Nomination Ceremony:

Dan tells the HG that a deal was struck last night during the competition. He says he will honor it and pulls the first key – Ollie.Ollie pulls out Renny’s key. Renny pulls out Keesha’s key and she pulls out Michelle’s.This leaves Jerry and Memphis as the nominees. Dan says that Memphis is a wild card, and that some “may call him a vagabon but some may call him a renegade – we’ll find out.” Dan says that Jerry and him have gotten past the Judas thing and that this is like a football game. One point for Jerry, one point for Dan.He says that it doesn’t mean “game over” for either of them.

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